Monday, April 18, 2011

in my next house

I would love to have a sliding barn door in our next house. They are dreamy. They are full of character. They are perfect. I would love to hang one in our home now, but I am holding out for our next home.

I would love it for our Master Bedroom as it separates the Master Bathroom from the Master Bedroom.

Layla is perfecting one in her Master Bedroom. Hopefully she will still be flattered when I copy her idea and learn from their trials with installing one.



  1. I've been eyeing similar inspiration photos myself. I so want to do this on both of our bathroom entry ways.

  2. I have a place I need one of these... the problem is... I don't have enough room to slide it open... but I've been mulling over the possiblities! Ohhh, how I love them, and want one, or at least a "faux barn door" lol I'm all about faux these days!

  3. Those are hot right now. I keep seeing them everywhere and with good reason, they are GORGEOUS. We were considering them for our dining room (if we EVER get to it) but since we aren't staying here forever, we're with you and we will wait until we find the forever home.

  4. That is very beautiful. It catches the eye, I love it.

  5. OH no why did you have to go and post these pictures???? After I just talked myself out of "barn doors" and bought the door for the new room. And the builders just built the wall.... That's okay! If I really do decide to have one we will figure something out I am sure. But for now I have to concentrate on the flooring, lighting fixtures, paint selection. (and yes I LOVE barn doors!)

  6. They are awesome. My Dad hung one on my newly-built "big girl" room my senior year. It remained my bedroom off and on for several years after that. It is still there and looks awesome. The only problem was - no sneaking in past curfew! You could hear the door on my room opening from a mile away!!

  7. Oh my! I was just discussing (more like whining) to my Mom this morning how I am not happy with our downstairs bathroom door...this would be prefect! However, our house will go on the market in about a week so. After a little looking around the 'net, I am with you, I think it will have to wait for our next house. Thanks for sharing such pretty eye candy!

  8. We really want barn doors over our hallways closets...we have two! Love the third to last image...that's how I imagine ours to look! :)

  9. Love these inspiration pics. I found you "pinned" over at pinterest (new obsession!)
    we did this as a solution to our bathroom door a couple of years ago and it works out perfectly (since nothing else would have worked there).
    Here's the link if you want some more inspiration. We love our door!


  10. Woo hoo, I love love these gorgeous slide doors! Must copy it, will let you know as soon as it is done.
    Have a happy happy day! xx

  11. Does anyone know where to get the hardware for these sliding doors? hardware that isn't toooooo terribly expensive?!?


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