Thursday, April 14, 2011

avoiding dr. bizer blues

Over the past 3 weeks I have been coming to terms with the idea that my eyes are getting tired or maybe..just maybe, I need glasses.

I doubt I would need them for anything more than reading and blogging..but still there are those oh so important aspects in pharmacy of making sure the prescription is correct.

So...if I have to get glasses....I plan to make a stylish statement. Afterall, I think style can be defined by 4 distinct pieces: {1} your purse {2) your shoes {3} your coat & {4} your glasses

I have the 1st three down to a tee {now if only I could figure out how to take a snapshot of myself}. As for the 4th aspect....look at these:

I am going for something a little less Bizer and a tad more Fabulous. Come sneak a peek here. This little shoppe makes me want a pair or two...or even my own collection {ohhh now that is a scary thought}.



  1. all of them are CHIC! :)

  2. Oh my goodness Im in LOVE. I normally wear contacts, but those have me thinking I need a change :0)

  3. we must be living parallel lives! I need them as well. Looks like your glasses will have some serious flair. You'll have to share a picture of you with your new look!

  4. You're going to be so cute in glasses!

  5. please don't judge me by my purse (old outdated)
    shoes (cheap tennis shoes) coat ($8 walmart) glasses (bogo at Walgreens)
    you'll look adorable in glasses!


  6. I was in a friend's pharmacy/gift shop earlier in the week and she had some of the most adorable readers you've ever seen. I wanted a pair, even thought I don't need readers...yet. (did I mention they had bling on them? Oh, be still my heart, do I ever love bling...and glitter!)


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