Wednesday, April 20, 2011

a tale of 2 styles

I have always been a fan of playing pretend.

I use to spend hours on end pretending to redo my parents living room with my sitter's JCPenney catalog. {If only I still had those notes with page numbers, sketches, and prices}.

In my little files of this, that, and pharmacy....I found these 2 rooms. Both extremely diffrent, but yet both speak to me.

Great Room from Tori Spelling's Westwood Home
I love the pop of red with the black cabinets and then the blue...what is it about a red and blue combo?

Living Room from the movie The Holiday
First off, I could easily nap on every piece of furniture from the ottoman to the window seat. Hello slipcovers and velvet.

It is little snippets of these that make me wonder how my style will play out in my next home....and of course, it is something that helps me drift off to sleep when the stress of the day can be all consuming.

Had to throw this one in....We know the room. We know the movie. Blissdom in a room.

What style do you see me using?



  1. Wow, don't you wish you had a home big enough for all 3. I used to tell my mom that. I was going to have a contemporary home, a country farm home, etc. She just nodded. It's wonderful that we can mix and match style.

  2. They are all great--but I think my fave has to be the first one. I love the open, airy, and lots of natural light feel. Beautiful!

  3. I see you doing what you've already done in your current home, making it your own.
    You have great style!
    glad you're safe and sound from those horrible storms!

  4. I think I'm the left behind one...what movie is the last from??

    I think the second room with brightened colors like the first would be awesome (think brighter blue ottoman, barn red beams...etc...

  5. The Something's Gotta Give house is my favorite by something about those blue furniture in the first one really spoke to me and those ottomans...YUM! I'm sure you could incorporate some of all of them in the mix. I mean can't you just see the ottoman from the Holiday in the SGG house and pops of red!

  6. Decorating sketches from the JCPenney catalog when you were young??? I think you are pursuing the wrong career ;) I love all of those rooms! The one that speaks to me the most is Tori Spelling's. I love the pops of color and you're right, there is something magical about turquoise and red! But I think the beauty of all of these rooms is that they are very flexible and you could mix and match elements of all of them in your new home!

  7. Hmm, I think the 3rd one looks a lot like your style but I agree that I just love the blue and red of the 1st one. My styles are conflicting too! I took one of those "which is your style" tests in Real Simple a few months ago, and I had equal parts of 2 styles that did not overlap in any way!! Booo...

    Thanks for your comments on the pillow! I really can't believe I pulled it off. I'll be ripping off/copying in good taste Pier 1 a lot more often now...

    Take care!!

  8. I love red and blue together - my favorite color combo! Can't wait to see what you do in the next house!

  9. I think you can easily mix this together...little modern, little cottage chic! It all works!

  10. I change what i wanna do to my house(rental)on a daily basis! so many ideas so little time/space!

  11. I love the first one, stylish, comfortable, PERFECT! Love the open and airy feeling and the colors, swoon!


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