Monday, April 25, 2011


Thurgood loves it when his cousin Brock comes for a visit. When Uncle Chris and Brock come over it is all about celebrating being cousins, and making the most of being less than 3 months apart.

They indulge in ice cream together.

They share turns on a slide together.

They find everything extra funny together.

They make Rice Krispy Treat Nests with M&M's together {while Uncle Chris supervises of course}.
They count together to make sure each nest gets the same amount of eggs.

Make every moment count....and make it extra special.


  1. Those are the moments to remember...Brought a smile to my face...Happy Monday to you, sweetie!

  2. Sucha cute post! Its so important to stop and love those special little moments in life :0)

  3. Holy cow...those two look like brothers! What cuties!

  4. Love this! They are both ADORABLE!

  5. awwww, how sweet! they do look like brothers! I love cousins!
    looks like a great time,

  6. Ahhh they are PRESH!!!! I want a little boy, they look like angels : ) Glad you're staying safe! xo

  7. They look more like brothers than cousins! : ) My best friends growing up were my cousins...Thurgood will have a best friend for life!


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