Tuesday, April 12, 2011

mr. b meets stabler

I have been on the hunt for a desk chair for quite some time now to create a study space for myself in the great room. In fact, I came across the above pic from --- wait for it........Pottery Barn, and knew this would be perfect. But at $399 for a chair without even arm rests, I knew I would just have to file the image away for a bit.
Last week my dad came over on Sunday to take me {and Thurgood} out for ice cream, house hunting, and then to drop some clothes of my mother's off at Goodwill. Well as we drove up to the drop off...I spotted him.

He was outside on the lawn with an Edward-like sparkle in the sunshine.

The tag was such a tease that I had to have my dad stop the van so I could get out and see for myself.

The chair was in great condition. Trust me...I gave this chair a test drive. The only flaw I could find was quite fixable and even liveable with...that is until I have the free time to attend to the cosmetic surgery.

I call him Stabler...yes, as in Elliot Stable from Law & Order SVU. The chair reminds me of their office furiture from the show. Plus my sister and I both have a tv crush on Detective Stabler.

Hehe....he is too cute. :)

Which is why it is so funny that Stabler is no longer in my garage or even at my study nook. Stabler is  currently at my husband's desk. Apparently Mr. B prefers Stabler in the man cave. Hehe...my tv crush and sweet hubby finally get to meet.



  1. great chair! great price! Lucky you er I mean mr b.
    I too have a huge crush on stabler... he IS a cutie!
    seriously awesome find!
    can't wait till you're back with us on a regular basis. Father's day is june 19 btw
    I'm holding you to this little gig we have going sister! I'm making plans!

  2. He is very cute. Both the chair and the guy! That was a fantastic deal. How could you leave it behind?

  3. What an awesome deal. My kitchen chairs are exactly like that, without the casters. They are the waiting room type. They are surprisingly comfortable. We've been missing you!

  4. I am so jealous! I inherited my dad's roll top desk and it sits in my living room. I hate my old computer chair there. I have been looking for a chair like you found!

    Great find at a great price! Are you going to paint it?


  5. What a great find and GREAT name. Elliot and I are friends...he just doesn't know it! ; )

  6. $5?? Seriously?? FIVE DOLLARS? That is such a great deal! I've been wanting a chair like that for EVER! Awesome find.

  7. What a terrific find! Bet you feel good in those arms!

    The chair's arms, of course! Lol. :P

  8. This is INSANE!!!! The gods really blessed you!!

  9. How I WISH I could find great deals like that! I guess I don't hunt enough. : ) Have missed your posts, dearie! I have been flat out like a lizard drinking (that's Tasmania, Australia speak for really, really busy)and haven't had time to hardly read my own blog, much less anyone else's! Hope to get back to it soon!

  10. FIVE BUCKS?!??!! No way. Awesome deal. Very jealous. :)

  11. Your $5.00 chair is gorgeous...and so is Stabler:) Can't believe you got such a great bargain. PB is soooo expensive and I love it when someone finds something similar or even better (in your case) for so much less.

  12. Haha - an Edward-like sparkle! Love it - not as much as Edward but close ;)


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