Saturday, April 3, 2010

happy easter

I'm so in love with Spring, and for me it begins with Easter and the sightings of the lovely daffodil.

At my parents' home (which was built by my great-great grandparents for my great grandparents as a gift) I was blessed with having a great grandmother who adored the daffodil. She planted over 1000 bulbs behind her yellow farmhouse.

Far from the Big Fish 10,000 bulbs, but nonetheless every spring there is a breathtaking view of yellow from my former bedroom window (now Thurgood's bedroom).

Ahhh Spring - it's delightful how annually it continues to surprise me with it's wonderfulness. It has completely faded from memory how last year, we went through the same ritual of shedding the sweaters, opening the windows - hmmm, spring amnesia, I like you. We've loved the evening walks the recent weather has encouraged and yesterday it dawned on me that soon my little Thurgood will be 3.

Happy Easter to you and your families..and welcome Spring. It is so pleasant to meet you again.



  1. Sooo pretty... spring time is my favorit time too... hope you have a very happy easter!!

  2. soooo pretty! I made my way over to your sweet blog from Dusty Lu's!!

    I'm a happy follower now!

  3. Lovely, lovely yellow! Daffodils are so springy and happy and sweet!!!

  4. Hi! Happy Easter! I just found your blog and love it!

    I feel your pain about being a student, and I'm just a grad student and a almost-wife :)

  5. How pretty! 1,000 daffodils must be a sight to behold. And that's so cool about your parent's home.

  6. E -

    Your blog post was the perfect way to end today. So beautiful and inspiring! And the story of your great grandparents and great great grandparents was touching.

    I had the same conversation with a friend the other day! It's like, you remember that spring is beautiful, but you almost forget just how beautiful and truly perfect this time of year is. It's just so much more amazing than what our brains can recreate in our memories! Happy Easter, lovely lady. I hope you and your beautiful Thurgood and husband have a blessed holiday!

  7. Love that, we used to plant daffodil bulbs on Easter, it was sort of our family activity, I always associate them with the holiday. Gorgeous photos!

  8. What a special place your grandparent's home is...and LOVE daffodils!
    Hope you enjoyed the holiday and Happy Monday to you!

  9. Super beautiful-Love flowers! and the smell:) Hope you had a blessed day!

  10. How lovely those daffodils are! What a sweet blessing for your family :)!! Love that you are able to have a home handed down through the family, that is so wonderful!

  11. 1000 daffodil delightful! The woman who owned our house planted many daffodils, but not quite 1000...that looks amazing! I just adore daffodils!
    504 Main

  12. Great photos. The bed of daffodils is really lovely. Thank you for posting.


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