Saturday, January 30, 2010

pillow talk

We had a small snow storm in Louisville very early this lovely Saturday morning. By our definition that means staying safe and cozy via: sipping warm tea, staying in jammies, watching cartoons, snuggling with fleece blankets, and lounging on pillows.

Since I am home and snow reflects light wonderfully all through my house, I took advantage of the time and put my Euro-Supersized toile pillows together. Here is a sneak peak:

Instead of stuffing the pillows, I used real pillows as my forms that I found while at Tuesday Morning. At $9 a pillow, how could I resist? And they are HUGE! I love their size and overstuffed form.

I used drop cloth as my fabric for the back so that I could have two looks in one and save a little on the toile fabric. I then trimmed the pillows 3 sides around with delicious chocolate pom pom trim. (I limited the trim to 3 sides for 3 reasons: 1. to save a little money 2.I figured that no one would care about the bottom since it would never be seen and 3. I did not want the extra challenge at the sewing machine.)

And so here they are:

I am thrilled with the results! I haven't sewn since 7th grade so I was pleasantly surprised with myself in completing this little project. I still plan to make a small boudoir pillow with this lovely toile fabric to infuse the toile throughout the bedding.

Now if only I had a bed like this to place these pillows upon:

Once again Pottery marry cream and white so beautifully.

Have a delightful weekend!



  1. Your pillows turned out so great!! I wish I could sew.

    Love the trim. Aren't you smart for only putting it on three sides!

  2. For not having sewn in a bit, you did a beautiful job. They look great. Can't wait to see more.

  3. I just love pillow talk! Pretty pretty!!
    Now stay warm and enjoy your weekend ;)
    xoxox Susie

  4. ::jaw still dropped::

    They turned out beautifully! You haven't sewn since middle school?! I wouldn't have believed it. I absolutely love the watery blue toile; so clever that you skipped the trim on the bottom (it probably "sits" better too).

    My gosh, I'm already envisioning these darlings w/ your ivory/cream/white bedding. It's going to be so dreamy!

  5. These are beautiful! Great the pom poms, thats my favorite part! I need to learn to sew because I love pillows.

  6. love the pillows! glad i found your to browse..~lulu

  7. hi thanks for the comment! be sure to add another, if you decide to twitter to up your chances of winning! have a wonderful monday!!!!

  8. Love it! Great idea using drop cloth.

  9. LOVE THEM! Yes, sewing trim is not for the faint of heart. You're right about all three reasons...wish I had thought of that when I sewed my vintage mattress fabric pillow!


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