Saturday, April 24, 2010


I wish I could call each one of you personally and thank you for your thoughts and prayers...because of you I have such a strength, such a support system, that I will be ever so grateful for.
And today, I have such a light was an AMAZING day.

After lunch today, my mom called me and told me that Lola was in great spirits asking about Thurgood. Well I stopped what I was doing (playing a SpongeBob Xbox game with Thurgood) and started to scramble for shoes and socks to head over to the rehab facility.

While I was struggling with perfecting the line on his socks across his toes (only MY child would not want it any other way), Thurgood asked me if he could bring "Nana" one of his animals to sleep with at night since she is sleeping alone and not feeling well.

I said of course and he went off to retrieve a stuffed animal. He returned with his lion because "Nana likes yellow."

I was nervous about walking into that room with Thurgood and seeing Lola, but the second we stepped into that room, she called to him...she said his name! Lola asked Thurgood to come play with her bed remote (2 months ago Lola showed Thurgood how he can raise and lower her, which they both thoroughly enjoyed)...I was floored.

Lola and Thurgood
(with my dad hiding from the picture so it could be just them)

I know my Lola would HATE that I am showing this picture because her hair was a mess and she had no makeup, but having her aware of who Thurgood was...trumps all of the above.

Granted Lola did not say my name or speak a word to me, but when I said goodbye...I got my *sniff-kiss*and truth be told, that was all I needed.


P.S. I can't help but notice I am *sniff-kissing* Thurgood at night...try it one night when your babies are fast asleep. I guarantee you will treasure it.


  1. So so thrilled that you had a good visit, and that it was a good experience for Thurgood too. What a dear he was to bring a stuffed animal for her. What a great kid! Hugs to you!

  2. I'm so glad it was a better day for you, and your family. Quite honestly, your Lola does not need make up or to fix her hair, I thought she was beautiful!

  3. I have to agree with kat. Lola looks great wihtout makeup or her hair done! I'm glad she's in better spirits!

  4. Oh happy day! You know you're a mom when... it's more important to you that T is noticed and remembered than you are. Because when our children are happy, we can't help but be happy for them.
    I hope your Lola continues to have many good days, makeup or not! :)
    take care!

  5. What a treasure that day will be! I'm so glad you have a picture of it! These are the memories that will take root in Thurgood, even if he doesn't remember some of the other day-to-day things.

  6. Oh, how sweet Megan. Thanks for sharing with us.

  7. e, That is a beautiful picture of your Adorable Thurgood and your Lola together. I love that he brought her a special gift, Im sure Lola slept well with her new yellow friend.

  8. So sweet and what a relief that things are a little better...

  9. Glad to know that you had a good visit. And, I love your description of sniff-kisses - I can relate because it is an Indian thing too. My grandma used to do the same and I find myself doing it to our boys. Sweet memories.

  10. YOU are the sweetest thing...and yes, our friendship was meant to be. Here is to another week my friend, remember, with each day you are a step closer to the end! YOU can do it!!

  11. What a sweet visit! Thurgood is just so precious and kind!

  12. Speechless! That picture is priceless! Glad the visit went well:) She looks amazing no makeup and all!

    BTW: Your child and my child are the same-God forbid I put those socks on the wrong way!

  13. Awwww.... praying for you and your family. I think everyone needs a Thurgood sometimes~

  14. Such a sweet picture, I'm glad it was a good visit for you! WIsh I was closer so I could give you a big hug!

  15. Oh my goodness. I'm so incredibly happy for you! What a blessing that she is doing better. And how incredibly sweet of Thurgood to bring her a stuffed animal. He sounds like such a perfect little gentleman! You must be so proud of your family. What a touching example of love and support. I will continue to send prayers and blessings your way.

  16. What a sweet post. That makes me miss my lola too.


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