Monday, April 26, 2010

a little ruffle..and it was meant to be

I am a girl who LOVES symmetry. I think balance is so important and I find my eye tends to focus in on patterns and dual images. (I know I am such a science nerd at heart.)

And so in finessing my master bedroom in the hopes of acheiving SOME area I can call bliss (oh do I need it now more than ever), I have come to a halt. As much as I want balance on my dresser wall, it is not going to happen.

Instead, I am embracing the assymmetrical...the unbalanced (which mirrors my world right now) and focusing on comfort.

What I WANT right now...this very minute, is a lovely slipcovered chair (with a ruffled edge of course) and an ottoman to match.

image via Pottery Barn (was there ever a doubt?)

Ahhh, it is so dreamy! All that is missing is my huge 2.5 inch binder of notes, Atticus clawing at the side, and a Diet Coke.

Oh and wait! Is that Battan Board I spy behind the chair? Could this be a sign?

Now all I have to do is scour Craig's List until I can find something to achieve this look.


I also need to find someone to help me make a slipcover (meaning I study while you sew). I will give you all the sweet tea and Derby pie you desire. :)



  1. What a gorgeous chair and those ruffles are so cute! If you find someone to 'help' you make that slipcover send them my way I need lots of help! xx

  2. We had slipcovers made for the dining room chairs of Grandma Mae's because of the unique shape of the tops. We found and bought the fabric and she did the slipcover. It wasn't cheap, but it wasn't super pricey, either. And I think they turned out well. You might have a look around for people who do "alterations" on furnishings.

  3. If I had any hope of making something so cute I would hop on a plane and do it for you...

  4. ohhh, how I wish I had that exact scene going on in my bedroom! I so want to do a slipcover! But I don't see it happening anytime soon. good luck friend!
    and if I happen to find it on clist I'll forward it to you, cause that's the kind of friend I am!

  5. Well dear if you find the chair and someone to make the slipcover, let me know, I'll be coming over to steal it! It's adorable. The Board and Batten is such an easy project. Go for it!

  6. Looks like this is the same chair:

  7. Oh! You should look at estate sales! They have gems sometimes!

  8. I covet that exact same chair and ottoman!

  9. Ha! I know someone (virtually of course). Maybe she could ship it to you! Meet one of my favorites bloggers who is not only hilarious with her quick wit, but also a n upholstering queen. If she can re-cover furniture, surely she can make a slipcover!

    I'm so glad to find another symmetry fan. I absolutely love patterns as well. In fact, I'm re-doing my mantel and found myself making it EXTREMELY symmetrical. Is that a big no-no? I'd love to get your expertise on the matter. I'll probably post about it next week for some advice, and with your flawless talent, will be talking your ear off with questions.

    P.S. - Your comments have been so touching and sweet. I adore you and am so glad to have your friendship! You are such a brilliant and incredibly nice person.

  10. oooh I love that chair and ruffles!

    I'm big into symmetry too, glad to hear I'm not alone! It kinda takes over sometimes, haha...

    -Ann Marie

  11. You know I would make it for you in a minute! I see chairs with that shape all the time. People on Etsy use Greyhound for shipping furniture. They just find room on a bus going that way. I don't think it's that much. Listen to me... I just really wish I could do it. I would make it look exactly like it.

  12. I love symmetry like the Kardashians love being high-maintenance. Did I really just say that. Forgive me, as I got sucked into watching a Keeping Up W/ the Kardashians marathon. That's a couple hours I'll never get back in my life. Oy.

    What I'm trying to say is that I'm a sucker for symmetry but I crave a blissful retreat even more. Esp. when it comes complete w/ ruffles. This is PERFECTION!! As long as Atticus doesn't mind sharing. =]

  13. I have been wanting that same chair, but smaller. The ruffles are too cute! Hope you find it!


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