Friday, February 4, 2011

and the winner is....

Here is what our lovely winner had to say about the hop and the giveaway:
Congrats on the win my dear! Shoot me a little email and we can go from there. I am giddy with excitment for you. Gail and I are thrilled with how successful this little hop/party has been. We hope we have provided the roots for many blogs {both big and small} to soar.

If I have not graced your little world, I am still working my way to your blog...I now have strep, but trust me...I am getting there. I promise.



  1. Wow!! Thanks!! what a wonderful suprise this morning :) grateful to you two for putting this together!

  2. ...and heavens...I didn't even remember what it was I won, but I am SUPER SUPER excited to let a new blog design :) You don't even know! to CHOOSE>....


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