Thursday, February 3, 2011

my post-party thoughts

First thing is first...parties are such a nice way to brighten up any winter blues. You get to mingle. You get to make new friends. You get to see some lovely things here and there. You get to be entertained for quite some time.

I am smitten with these bags from DrikaB..wonder if I can make one.

I am still finishing up visiting each blog from our hop, so please know if I haven't gotten to you -- I will be very soon. I am strolling through them...and as I stroll, I really have noticed a community of friendship building.

So, I am going to challenge you to take another itty bitty risk.

It may be oh so hard to do, but I believe it will be worth it. I believe it will give you an even stronger sense of belonging to something special.

Change your blog roll.

Invite some of these new found friends from the party or thru your travels in blog world to the prime real estate capital in your little corner of blog world.

Make it an honor to be on to be on your blog roll.

Everyone knows the blogs to go for this or that, but I assure you there are so many talented ladies out many bloggers just yearning to feel feel special. I know that you will make someone's year by inviting them to your blog roll.

Yes, it is tempting to have those blogs with +5000 followers caressing the sides, but I assure you they have everyone sneaking peeks into their world every minute of the day. But that little blog with 50 followers...that  one you loved from 1st glance, well maybe your eyes were the only ones to grace their page in a while.

So go ahead..invite them to your blog roll. That little blog will feel so humbled by your invitation, and who knows...they just might return the honor. :)

So...are you up for the challenge?


PS The giveaway winner will be announced tomorrow! Best wishes. :)


  1. I do this all the time! I swear my blog roll changes at-least once a week. And those shoes are awesome!! Oh I also wanted to tell you how great your blog hop is, so many wonderful blogs, such great feedback, honest and kind. I swear blog land is full of the kindest, warmest, and smartest women anywhere! I marvel at these women daily!

  2. I just got zebra print loafers...I could use that bag. It makes my day when I show up on someone's blog roll. I am putting you on mine!
    Mary Ann

  3. so up for it! not sure how to do it.. but i'm game!! :)
    if you can make that bag.. umm.. first in line to snag one from ya! ;)
    will say again.. the blog hop has been the smartest thing i've done in months! agree with Sarah, some of the smartest and most talented women are bloggers! aren't we blessed!
    continued blessings,

  4. The bloghop was AWESOME! Thank you again SO much for hosting! I've met so many awesome ladies and seen SO many great blogs! :)

    And I am definitely up for the challenge ... What a great thing to do ... :)

    PS - LOVE that bag! :)


  5. Another super great thought! The party was such a great idea. I had a lot of visitors stop by while I was away and now I have to get to replying to all of them. I even got some new followers! Fun!

  6. Once again thank you for hosting this blog "party." I am oh so surely going through everyones link (even if it is going to take a while.... little computer time with everyone home w/ snow days and now possible illness, ugh)

    Umm I've never had a blog roll..... I guess I had better look into it plus I really wanted to say I like your labels. Its something I haven't done regularly but really think I'll have to look into it further!

    Once again thank you!! :)

  7. I added quite a few wonderful blogs that I ran into during the party - yours included... this was such a wonderful way to meet a great group of bloggers, and widen my view of the world just that much more. Many thanks to you and Gail for putting this one, it is my favorite party to participate in - ever!

  8. Another fantastic idea! Do you ever rest? LOL
    I have to figure this all out...Blog Roll...Blog List...Labels.... :-O OMG! Can anyone say overwhelming?!?! LOL When I am done work tomorrow I will definitely work on this. Met so many lovelies during the blog hop! It was awesome. Still going through blogs as we had snow storm..power outage...tones of snow..and no puter :-<

  9. Good timing... I did that earlier this evening. I expanded the list to everyone I follow, showing the 10 latest posts at a time.

    I have wondered about this; whether it is better to have a "theme" blog roll or a very inclusive one. I opted for the latter:)

    Thanks again for a great blog hop.

  10. What a nice post, I actaully have everyone i follow on my blog roll ,I am only new to blogging so I did not know this was not how it is done ,In my opinion if someone is worth me following them then I want others to know about it too!

  11. That is very sweet of you to suggest that - we need more people like you...

  12. I love this idea and that you are all about community. There are definitely some blogs from the party I need to add!
    thanks for being you,

  13. I defintiely added some!!! Found some great girls and blogs :)

  14. E, you are so cute! I love how personal you make blogging. You are a great gal. xoxo

  15. Gosh i love that bag. I wish it was a camera bag! I wonder if an insert would fit in there? Thanks for the party, it was fun.


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