Thursday, February 17, 2011

the calm before the storm

My current rotation has my head spinning with projects and due dates.

Sadly my head is not spinning around the latest Pottery Barn bauble {and I do have one I love} or which fabric to recover my headboard in {what do you think of a linen?}. No...I am doing more school projects than home projects these days. Oh well...I love the schedule and the fact I have an office.

Unfortunately for husband has had a recent surge of "let's redecorate the family room." Here is the closest pic I could find to give you an idea of what we had going:

With the snap of my phone {from December} you have a peek as to how I make my great room work.

As I complete my 5th rotation, I am usually home by 5 or so, but on this day...I came home at 7. I think with all that extra free time, Mr. B had an itch to change it up. Why did I not come a home a tad sooner?

I snapped a pic with my phone as what I walked into our home that late Tuesday night..the pic below was taken on Wednesday evening. Trust me.... it looked exactly the same way upon my entrance.

We do not have a ghost in the right corner, that is our chandelier.

Yes, I could have gotten out the Canon and edited this photo...but I think the "raw" nature of this picture best showcases the fact the sofa is teetering on being a banquette for our dining room table. And yes...the space between the corner of the sofa and the wall with the wine bar IS that tight. And finally yes...look closer and you will see Mr. B...dead center in front of the tv in our leather wingback playing Xbox. (The Xbox has escaped the man cave...and I am now in hiding in that cave as I type this.)

Ahhh...what to do. How can I be mad at the man who promised me on Valentine's Day to spend more time on focusing on us instead of the survival mode we have been stuck in?

Well my loves...I need to catch up on my divine circle and figure out how to slowly move my family room back to my happy place. And as I sit here in Mr. B's man cave...I will be envisioning myself sitting in this lovely nook:

photo by Sadie Olive

Ahh.....I feel better already...but I think cupcake will also ease the pain.



  1. Oh dear. It sounds like you have SUCH a full plate right now. Those seasons are tricky: on a blog and a marriage. Good luck and don't let your imagined expectations of your readers get the best of you.

    His arrangement of the room is hilarious, but that's because he's not my husband. ;-)

  2. oh my.. i thought i saw the chair smack in the middle of the tv! lol i have teen & young adult.. so i can relate to this!! a good strong ottoman usually does the trick for them, inches from the big tv! ;)
    seems like maybe you should take over the cave & make it YOUR space! i highly recommend it!! hee hee!

  3. I have wondered where you have been. I know how hard it is to juggle it all. Thankfully, we are almost done with sports until July and that means a much needed break. I hope you can get one too and get that lovely nook you envision!

  4. Focus on finishing your rotations...the house will still be there when you finish!!! It would be too easy to get lost in all of this when so much is going on!!! Your little cutie deserves a sane Mom!!! Good luck with it!!! helps to blog about all the "stuff"!!!

  5. You poor thing! Somebody get this girl some wine and chocolate.

    I started cracking up when I spotted him positioned in the front of the TV with the crazy arrangement surrounding him. Lee and I also have an unspoken game. He tries to sneak up items from the man cave, and I sneak them back down.

    You are too funny! I'm so sorry life is so hectic, but you handle it with grace. Even when your husband turns the family room into his own personal club house.

  6. Oh my gosh, I laughed out loud when I realized that was your hubby sitting front and center in his chair! Such a man thing to do! I guess you just have to pick your battles...and decide if the living room arrangement will be one of them!

  7. You are too funny! I personally think it is better to be with a man who gives you all the control of decorating.. but hey, it's cute when they try!

  8. Hi, we all have to pick are battles carefully. Relish in the fact that the home is yours to share and play a little game on what can be done differently in the room. Best wishes with your work...I know it's hard juggling work and play. I've been stressed like I've never know with a new job, but just keep telling myself, each day will and does get better.

  9. What is it about men and their tv's?! This is so funny girl - but know that I'm laughing with you not at you :) I'll have wine and a cupcake with you anytime :)

  10. It makes me laugh when men have opinions on decorating! Good luck with all you have going on!

  11. e---you poor thing! Maybe he's just going through a stage! I can't believe he's right smack dab in the middle of the room!
    I hope it gets better.
    my suggestion... move it a half inch every day till you get it back where you want it. :)

  12. I love the pictures! and I just want to say that I LOVE that tv stand, that is just about the exact one that ive been dreaming up for our living room whenever we move again. I want to get one now but every one i have looked at has been too pricey and we are going to be moving again within the next 1-2 years or less so id rather have one less huge piece of furniture


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