Sunday, February 20, 2011

can i get a tweet tweet?

Oh me oh my...the internet world has come a long way since billboards and AOL IM...with chat rooms to facebook to blogs we are all learning how to use social media in a whole new light. I think one aspect we can all use and even expand our blogging experience is thru Twitter.

I find it quite addicting and an instant way to chat away with people when I am not blogging but still want to stay connected to the blogging world...but I have to admit that it is only fun when you are not alone doing it. Having people following you and likewise commenting back to your tweets makes the experience what it should be.

I encourage you to just try it and together...we will chat away and feel important. C'mon....they make cupcakes celebrating has to be good.

Because I am lazy, instead of creating a tutorial...I copied from the best. :) Beth from The Stories of A to Z wrote an amazing tutorial that uses Tweetdeck (a platform for Twitter). Try it...and trust me. Oh and tweet me @Megandvd....I promise to tweet right back.

TweetDeck Tutorial


PS If you are in the circle....this is the best way to go beyond the blogs and really make a friend from your blog. Would you like me to include your twitter on the link to our circle? I will...just for you {just let me know}.


  1. OH hey I have a question... I was planning on joining the circle of friends... even blogged about it. But now I can't figure out how to add the button to my page... And I just opened my account the other day on twitter... wittersgarden

  2. I am there @NotSoModern :) I love Tweeting haha

    BTW: Could you send me the html for the Circle list so I can add a page to my blog? Thanks dearie!

  3. Okay, you almost have me convinced to tweet. I've been avoiding it for so long...I'm worried it will be a time sucker...I"m already addicted to facebook and blogs!
    I'll give it a try this week, just for you :)

  4. ok.. ok.. i guess it's time i finally make the leap into tweetland. :P

  5. You know where I'm at girl @ourfifthhouse :)

  6. Love ya twittter and blog bestie!


  7. I joined but barely tweet! I need to get with it!! :)


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