Tuesday, January 5, 2010

back on the pharm

It is official…I am back in school for the Winter Quarter. As much as it pains me to walk back into lovely, chilly Auditorium A after being home for 2 weeks and free from the bondage of studying, I find myself delighted by the fact that I only have 2 more quarters of class work before rotations. How exciting! And then, I find myself slightly terrified, only because I have 2 more quarters of class work and then it falls on me, my ability, and my knowledge base. How scary!

I have been a student (or captive) of Pharmacy School since July 2007. We are a 3 year accelerated program which means, we sit in the same chair from 8 am to 4 pm. We sit and are sponges Monday thru Friday…or at least try to be. We have are failings and Facebook.

Sometimes I find myself in ADD mode and find myself daydreaming, and yes, surfing the web. It is rather difficult to go from teaching to being a student, but here I am. I sit in the front row (or what is deemed the front row…the very front row is reserved for those of us wanting to be punished) and try my best to be my best.

Amid Pharmaceutics, Med Chem, & Therapeutics, I have met some wonderful people. I firmly believe that is why I can still walk into Auditorium A every day. Regardless of what boring lecture or dreadful exam awaits, once I step thru that door, I will see the faces of friends. Yes we all claim to have made friends in school..but these people are different. They complete me and empower me. Among them I have found everyday heroes, but more importantly, best friends…cherished souls that remind me every day how to laugh, how to remain strong, how to savor lunch, and how to realize that grades are just a measured moment of ability in time....and for a recovering academic, that is a breath of fresh air.

Now...they will kill me for this, but here is a glimpse of our world.

I call "home" that spot to the right of one of my best friend's MASSIVE laptop. She works on a Hummer of a computer while my micro machine humbly sits by. And yes, I am not in the picture...hehehe. :)

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