Wednesday, January 13, 2010

the nester makes me swoon

I am taking part in my first giveaway!

No..I am not giving anything away (just yet), I have a much anticipated event for that special time (so stay tuned). But, I am participating in the Nester's giveaway in conjunction with DaySpring-Danielson Design Studio.

I decided to take a much study break (aren't they all?) and see what I could come up:

This is the name of my little etsy shop that I am trying to breath new life into. I thought this little artifact would re-inspire me and re-invent my vision for my happy little shoppe.

Of course, if I win...I might opt for a personalized sign for my little boy. His name is quite magnificant and quite unique.

Here is to participation in my first giveaway and a linky party. :)




  1. hi e! those boots are from . there are a lot of styles to choose from, and the quality is excellent. definitely worth it to get the real things!

    my camera is nothing fancy at all. it's just a tiny point and shoot. it's the Canon powershot SD780 IS with 12.1 mega pixels . I really love canon cameras and hope to get one of the big wig ones for my bday:) For now this one does great though!

    and just a tip...i try my best to take photos with natural light and no flash. i find that the pics look better:)

    happy studying and have a great weekend!


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