Tuesday, January 19, 2010

there are fabrics..and then there is TOILE

My master bedroom has been at a standstill when it comes to decorating for quite some time. Moving into our home, I began pinching pennies for just the right furniture at just the right time.

Then when my son was born, I treated myself to new bedroom furniture that knocked me off my feet when we first met: dark wood, sleigh bed without a footboard-

a high dresser with a round mirror (I have such an affection for round mirrors)-

and to top it off sale that made my knees weak.

I then found 2 butler tray tables I could use as end tables on clearance at BBB (gotta love the extra 20% coupons) that complimented everything even more completely. I drew bedding inspiration from a Macy’s ad that I stumbled upon and so I finished the room with some discount bedding that I enjoyed. It looked crisp and tailored but it never spoke to me.

Truth be told, I LOVE an indulgent bed. There is something about lounging in a bed while reading a good book or lingering under the covers on a crisp morning that makes my heart go pitter pat. I love a bed that calls you to engage in napping and cuddling. I love pillows (maybe too much according to Mr. B) and textures surrounding me like a blanketed womb. Ok…maybe I want too much out of my bed, but then again, when I sleep..I want it to be a sweet slumber.

I then took it upon myself last year to seek out the aid of the one and only Layla Palmer from the Lettered Cottage. She is so sweet and genuine that I would name my first daughter after her. She is a friend from afar and I have much admiration for her ability both in design and in living life. She re-surged my hopes in claiming the master bedroom that I yearned for with her fabulous ideas. Yet even with her picturesque vision, I lacked the inital spark. I lacked my muse.

Until now-

Let the excitement and the renovations begin.



  1. Hi there!
    Thank you for your comment and sharing your heart with us. I look forward to reading Beths new book with all of you~ ((hugs)) Susie
    ps..I adore Layla..she is sooo sweet in person and on her blog.

  2. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and your "too sweet" comment! :) I certainly enjoyed my visit here, you have a great writing style! And your kitchen makeover you did turned out fabulously!!! Love the toile you chose also for the bedroom, so pretty! Welcome to blogging, it's nice to "meet" you!


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