Monday, January 11, 2010

strangers among us

I love hanging pictures.

I love leaning pictures.

I love pictures that have a pinch of twinkle.

I love pictures matted in white.

I love pictures that float within the glass.

I love pictures surrounded by sentiment.

But does anyone know who this little girl is?

I don’t. I get asked by friends even family..who is that girl? Here she is gracing my mantle and she is a stranger to me (even though she somewhat looks like one of my former students as a child). Sadly 30% of my pictures are of random, anonymous people or even worse, just the tag or label (as you saw in my above pics). It seems I have no problems putting up the frame or finding a home for the frame. No, I simply can not go the extra step and place the picture IN THE FRAME. A frame can be beautiful, but without the picture…it lacks essence. So for 2010, I plan to say goodbye to those strangers, TJMaxx fillers, and Target labels that have graced my walls and tables....and greet those that I love and cherish.

I do have pictures framed other than of myself and Mr. B. as you can gather from my picture wall (in the 1st pic) just so happens that the pictures I used were mainly of us and surprisingly not of our little man. We have LOTS of him. I am sure you will see a few soon enough. I just wanted to make sure I was not leading you to believe I have a small shrine to our wedding in our home.


  1. I LOVE your wedding pics. I remember when everyone over on the nest was in an uproar over your hawt hubby, LOL! =] OK, I'll stop w/ the Nest memories now.

    In total & utter agreement. A white mat, a photo (esp. black & white) & a classic frame are SO timeless.

    OK, we need to join forces b/c my problem is that I put the photo in the frame but never get around to placing/hanging it anywhere. Also, I realized we have more pics of our dog than we do of ourselves. HA!

  2. that is hysterical!! i am a self proclaimed frame hoarder, so can totally relate.

    ps. i say go for the white slipcovers! and if/when you do, please do a tutorial! i've been wanting to learn how to make some for the longest time. it would save me so much money.

  3. very have knack for it my dear~

  4. very nice ... picture walls and family photos are one my favorite parts of decorating!

  5. Your wedding pics are so pretty! And I love pictures and frames, too. I could go overboard with frames, and I have the pictures that could go in them, even! I just don't have enough space on shelves/walls! : )

  6. The strangers in your frames are too funny! It makes me think of that Friends episode where Phoebe thought the guy in the frame was her long-lost dad :)

  7. Your walls look awesome! Oh, and regarding stashing your "stuff" I do the same and slowly take it out LOL!


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