Friday, January 1, 2010

new beginnings after a 5 year longing

There is something about a quiet afternoon in winter that makes me relish in the moment. The air is crisp and chilled while we delight in slipping into cozy slippers, reaching for a cup of hot tea, and perusing the blog world. I can not believe I have waited 5 years to begin this journey...I really have no reason for waiting so long to start a blog except I think one hidden rationale was I could never settle on a name. Names have such a significance to me and I wanted to completely identify with my blog...therefore it seemed serendipitous to use "beauty in the attempt." I am attempting many things in my life right now and I hope to document them one adventure at a time.

Please drop by my little corner of the world often, and I look forward to calling you friend. Happy New Years!



  1. Welcome to Blogland!

    I can't wait to follow along with your journey!


  2. So excited to be a reader of your blog. I miss you not being on DP much and can't wait to see pics of your little man! :)
    -Scissors ;)

  3. Was JUST thinking of you, E!! So excited to follow your blog (thx for deeming mine worthy enough to be on your blogroll)! Yay!

    I LOVE that pic of you & little T. =]

  4. Congratulations,how exciting for you to have your brand new blog, I know I'll be visiting her often, and of course talking to you too on DP.

  5. Welcome to Blogland! You'll wonder how in the world you lived so long without your blog friends. : )

    I am looking forward to reading more!

  6. Hi, I found you over at DecorPad and just wanted to say welcome to blogging. I am a newbie myself but it seems to be quite addictive :) Best wishes.

  7. Congratulations.. It's 1a.m and finally taking a break from work.. I'm an anesthesiologist on night call in a NYC trauma center.. Still looking for the time and energy to return to my creative endeavors. After med school, residency, and now finally an Attending Physician for 2 years, I feel incomplete. My soul craves an write, dance, paint. Haven't figured it out yet... You have certainly inspired me. Best of luck!!!

  8. i love meeting new bloggers!!! looking forward to following you and your adventures. most of my friends went to med school, and our now physicians and i came from a family of doctors as well, so i have a TON of respect for your future profession as a pharmacist! all the best to you:)




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