Saturday, November 13, 2010

dreaming of a {fill in the blank} christmas

I need to start my decorating for Christmas STAT.

Long story short...most of my family {except for myself, my little one, and my Lola} will be going to the Philippines December 26th. They are staying for the official canonization of my great-great aunt, Mother Rosario.

I am actually still processing the idea of being related to an actual saint. It is surreal to say the least. My husband is far from Catholic, but considering we went to midnight Mass at the Vatican for our honeymoon and now a member of my family reaches sainthood --- he most definitely is honorary Catholic.

Switching gears just a tad----

So...because most of the family will be jet setting off to the islands, we are focusing on Thankgiving as being the holiday for us to all gather. And as it is for every holiday, the festivities come to my home.

With festivities coming here...HERE has to be ready. I have included some of my thoughts that have sparked my interest.

{pic from Bower Studio}
Oh..this tease of color is fabulous. My home is saturated in neutrals {in fact my wall color is very similar to this wall} and for some reason this color combination is dynamic. Maybe this is the year for color.

{pic from pewter & sage}
This pic makes me swoon. With little effort one can create a stunning decor piece for the home. No glitz or sparkle required, and really the simplicity of greens speak for themselves.

{pic from Pottery Barn}
Nothing celebrates the holiday season more than red. I have never been an every day red kinda girl. I use a spectrum of red for that...rust..marroon, but not red. Hmmm....a velvet red though is Christmas now and forever. Looks like PB has perfected a nice red.

{pic from 320 Sycamore}
Or do I keep with elements that I have and use my sparkle and shimmer of silver and gold?

I keep bouncing back and forth on what to do and how to do it. My tree never changes...I will blog about that later. So for now...I need to any and all suggestions to make this Christmas/Thanksgiving special.



  1. I am liking the fun blue with the red lately. So different but still winter like. I was always stuck with that Christmas decorations should be red and green, but I am a fan of purple lately too. Go wild.

  2. I just read the Wikipedia on your great-great-aunt, she's pretty amazing and how cool that you're related to a saint.

    I'm starting my Christmas decorating today, just a little sad to have to take down the Halloween decor that I love so much!

  3. The silver, blue and red ornament wreath is fantastic! And I love the PB mantle- reminds me I need to get my little baby a stocking!

  4. Just discovering your blog! I love the way your write:) Love all those Christmas inspiration pics!


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