Tuesday, November 30, 2010

making a holiday mantel -- UPDATED {pics with sunlight}

Well....it has been raining day after day & with it being winter daylight hours, I just can not seem to win with getting good light. Am I whining? Maybe a tidbit. Oh well. I think you can see beyond the pictures and see what I have done with my mantel for the holidays. I went for something nostalgic and something whimsy...oh yes...and it needed to sparkle.

I changed up my traditional look {real greens, candles, and my glitter pinecones}. I think it comes from my son REALLY getting into the holiday spirit.

I took a cue from Thurgood's new fascination with the nutcrackers {go here for better pics}. Red seemed to just be the color that called to me. I was shocked since I am a neutral girl at heart...but I loved the red.

Here is the final look:


Ok...back to the night time pics. :(

Here is the rundown: I got the stockings from Walmart, the stocking holders are from Hobby Lobby last year at 80% off, the ornaments are a few sets from the Dollar Tree, and the little globes I got at a yard sale -- all for $1.

It amazes me how putting ornaments in a glass jar give just enough sparkle and shimmer for the mantel.

I had some leftover glittery letters from a scrapbook project and thought a word that speaks to the season would be a nice touch.

And some of you may ask...why a wedding picture? Well Mr. B & I were married December 18th. This season is always special for us...and who am I kidding...it is a gentle reminder for him that our special day is just around the corner. {Oh how I LOVE this pic of us!}

So..now that I have the mantel done...time to work on my garland for my entertainment center. Stay tuned...


PS And don't be shocked if I UPDATE this post...especially if the sun comes out.

The Lettered Cottage


  1. Great mantel. Love the "Joy" sign. And I love that you put a wedding photo. It definitely belongs there.

  2. Love the mantle and the bargain prices! We got married on the 29th of December so December is special to us too! Your picture is gorgeous and looks fantastic up there. I did some Christmas decorating over at my house too, so stop on over and check it out!


  3. Love your mantel! particularly the JOY sign and the glass filled with ornaments. (I meant to do that and forgot) hmmm I may have to update mine too. BUT I don't think the sun is coming out. (well, it's dark now)

  4. I absolutely love the uniform look of the red stockings. I need to replace mine. Also love how the red pops against the rest of your mantle. Great job!!

  5. Ha! I was totally complaining under my breath about the lighting, my crappy camera, etc. so I totally empathize with you although I think yours looks great so don't be hard on yourself! I too love the wedding picture and your mantle looks beautiful. :) Happy almost anniversary!

  6. Cute, cute, cute!

    Lettered Cottage is doing some sort of a Christmas mantel link-up. Get over there and link, lady!

  7. Your mantel is fabulous! I only wish mine didnt have the darn TV.. :-) Have a fabulous day.

  8. LOVE your mantel. Nutcrackers and glass ornaments! You're right, great minds do think alike!;) Now I'm going to use your Joy photo idea!

  9. Your mantel looks lovely Mega. I love how you have made it personal with your joy sign and the wedding photo. Our anniversary is on the 29th December and my birthday is the 9th so I make sure hubby gets a wish list long enough to cover all three celebrations! xx

  10. Thanks for swinging by my post as well and leaving such a sweet comment. I love your mantle and the nutcracker theme. Also I'm glad I'm not the only one itching to take pictures in better light!

  11. Lovely! That wedding pic is a gem..what a fun time of year to get married! Enjoy this season!!

  12. Your mantle came together so beautifully! I love it and the wedding pic is great!


  13. I love your mantle! It's so fun with the nutcrackers and the red. I'm also big into neutrals year round, so Christmas is the perfect time to bring out the red. And we're a December anniversary too- the 2nd!

  14. So pretty *and* so fun! What a beautiful final product, and I agree that the red is wonderful!

  15. I absolutely LOVE your mantel!! It is so neat!!


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