Sunday, November 7, 2010


I’ve got nothing.  {me is shocking.}

Nothing funny, nothing serious, nothing new and exciting, nothing.

It all started when blogger "ate" 2 posts I had ready to go this past week. My Trade Secrets post for Thursday and another one. Argh! Rewriting a post reminds me of HS when I forgot to save my essays in the midst of writing them on my parents computer and then -- SOMETHING {insert anything & everything possible} -- caused me to lose the whole thing. How have I yet to learn this lesson?

Yes I could have rewritten it, but it never sounds the same when I rewrite it that second time.

So this weekend...we spent much of it in our jammies and eating breakfast foods. We made cinnamon rolls Saturday. I would like to tell you I made Pioneer Woman's yummy version.

But I have yet to attempt that culinary delight. I resorted to the can version.

For $2 and 20 minutes, it was yummy enough for my little family and easy enough for me....and let's be honest icing is icing.

So backs to rewrites.



  1. Be not ashamed. I love "can to pan" cinnamon rolls.

    PS - Check your email.

  2. They were still from had to roll them and put them in the pan, and spread the icing, right? :)
    I've been having blogger troubles too! I'll write a post, and it won't appear, or it will block comments. Never had problems with it until this last week!


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