Thursday, November 25, 2010

so thankful - thanksgiving 2010

I loved today....from the moment I woke up to right now. There was just so much to do from the time I rose,  but luckily I had a buddy share my morning with me as I got all our food ready.

My little hiccup in the day was not pulling out the camera and taking a few pics of the day and all the fun we had. I hope your day was full of many blessings.

I am about to head to bed...but let me share with you 3 sweet blessings that will carry me throughout the weekend.
A few leftover Bourbon Ball Cupcakes...MMMMmmmm.

An almost complete Dutch Apple Caramel Pie....double MMMMMmmmmm.

And yes...a WHOLE Derby Pie!!  Triple Mmmmmm....

I hope the blessings of this day continue to bring you joy  & sweetness throughout the weekend and this holiday season.



Thank you for visiting my little corner of the world. Your comments make my day a little brighter, so know I treasure each one. Thank you!


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