Friday, November 26, 2010


Oh my, this Thanksgiving I was introduced to a few new lovely ladies.

I know many of you have met Mrs. Meyers, but I have not. That is until I went to TJ Maxx and found a Holiday Clean-Up Kit for -- wait for it...$5.

This pic obviously shows I started with my countertops.

For a small amount of change, I got my 1st "cleaning date" with Mrs. Meyers. The Iowa Pine has a fresh Christmas tree scent that lingers for a few hours. It is not overpowering but hints of the season ahead. I was pleased with the purchase and the products. I thought this kit was an excellent way to "test" her products for myself. I hear there is other seasonal scents: Orange Clove & Peppermint. Would it not be divine to clean different rooms with different scents and have them all infuse together? Anywho...great price for a great product.

My second houseguest was Sister Schubert.

Have you met Sister Schubert? She makes divine yeast rolls. My neighbor talked me into trying them this Thanksgiving. With a coupon from her website, how could I say no? And it was scrumptious! Both pans were empty before the day was out.

All I can say is YUUUUUUMMMMMYYYYY! If you have never tasted her Parker Style Yeast Rolls opt for a pan or 2 or 3 for Christmas. You will not be disappointed.

Have any houseguests this Thanksgiving before your guests arrived? I really was pleasantly surprised with mine.



  1. Can't go wrong with Mrs. Meyer's and those rolls are my absolute favorite!

  2. I don't know Mrs. meyers, BUT sister schubert's one of my bff's! Living alone, I buy the frozen ones in the bag, and fix one when I want some hot bread. love, love, love them!

  3. Mrs. Meyer's and I have become BFF - a long time ago!

  4. How have you made it this long without a Sista Schubert's?! They are delicious! I even mention them in my "about me" section on my blog. Yes, I reference rolls. Pathetic.

  5. I love Mrs. Meyers and almost cried when I went looking for it... Umm I went to the wrong store. Kohl's not TJ Maxx...and then I got the right store. And they were out. I promise not to cry but $5... (and it was going to be my Christmas present.) BUT they have a truck coming in today and 4 more deliveries each week... so we will keep checking.


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