Sunday, November 28, 2010

my crack at a holiday mantel

Thurgood and I were busy bees this past week. We went shopping for food for our lovely Thanksgiving gathering and along the way, Thurgood spotted a few nutcrackers. I love how TJMaxx puts all their holiday decor at kid height. Luckily my store is very family friendly. Thurgood and I enjoyed "playing" with the nutcrackers, and he said he wanted them for his new Christmas stuff.

I have never owned a nutcracker but spotting these handsome men and how super cheap they were {I got all 5 for less than $25}..I could not pass them up.

One little green man....that lopsided scepter meant dollars saved for us.

This music box had me at hello and Thurgood loved it. This was the piece that started the whole nutcracker fever.

The little blue man was in a set with the green man and the red man below.

And the last pic of the nutcrackers. So cute!

My mantle is evolving but these guys were the starting point. I am still playing with a few ideas but I think you can see it is all about color this year in Casa B. I look forward to posting to Layla's Mantel party. :)

How is your mantle coming? How has your vision changed from your beginning thoughts?



  1. cute! Not sure I've ever had a nutcracker... well maybe one years ago.
    lol about mantel vision changing! Jamie came in and started moving all my stuff around. I'm so easy going and easy to please, it doesn't bother me at all. I like what she did. She changed up the mantel and my pier 1 stuff too. That girl!

  2. Awesome deal! I've had a few here and there, but they usually end up breaking pretty quickly because they usually just become toys. Yours look less cheap than mine though!

  3. I love the nutcrackers! A friend just bought me two of them this week and I have been wondering where to place them...I'm thinking mantle now!

    Catlyn (Cizz)

  4. My Nutcrackers are packed away. I only have a couple but they've always been one of my favorite parts of Christmas. Now I want to go dig them out. Your's are so sweet. And what a cute story.

  5. Love your collection! Cant wait to see "you" at Layla's :)

  6. Such cute little men! Ha- you just commented on my post- funny timing:) I don't have a "mantle" but am decorating our media center- not sure how yet!

  7. Those are too cute!! I love the wee little ones! Hmmm - might have to stop by and see if I can find some of those at my TJ Maxx! As for a Mantel Plan - I put a bunch of stuff up - walk around for a little bit and then start switching things in and out! Eventually I come up with something that doesn't make me go "Hmmm....???" when I walk in the room!

  8. So cute! I don't have a mantle! We have a wood burning stove in the living it, but I miss having a mantle. One day I'd like to put a fake one in our bedroom. :) Hope you had a terrific Thanksgiving! I'm thankful for your friendship this year~

  9. LOVE you decor!!! those are the cutest nutcrackers i've ever seen!


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