Sunday, March 20, 2011

adorable clutter

Clutter...we all have it and it can suffocate even the most darling rooms. Some of us create it..while some of us inherit it. I inherit my clutter...mainly as gifts.

Have you ever received something sweet and precious and NOT your style? I have and I do all the time. I find myself not wanting to part with the item because not only is it a gift, but also because it comes from someone who thought of me when they made the purchase.

As promised I wanted to share with you a few things that create the "clutter" of my home.

I received these panels from my cousin as a gift for doing her wedding flowers. I think these panels are oh so sweet...but oh so not my style. I have tried every nook and cranny to make them work, but it just doesn't.
I think everyone knows my love for wine. These wine glasses are one of many sets that I have received as gifts. As cute as they are...I am all about plain clear glasses. I have sets of 4 of wine sets all over the place. But, I am constantly breaking them so clear just works better for me..and my clumsiness.
My 1st ever experience with a PB gift that I was not all about. Maybe it is because of the red..or maybe it is the fact the glitter flies all over the place {hence why they are still wrapped}. I always seem to get candles as a gift and it is hit or miss {with smell and color}.
It comes with the territory I guess, but I have so many mortar & pestles...I love my clear glass one. Hmm...shock. But I have quite a collection whether I enjoy them or not.

OK...I LOVE this frame. I love, I adore it. And the message behind  it...well it gets me each time. But this frame is huge. It is a 2 ft square which makes it hard to find a place for it. I know the picture I want to use...but I just need a place for it. I think we all gets lots of frames as gifts. I know I do. Ever have a frame you love but it just doesn't work? I love this frame but until I find a home for is clutter.
Do you have clutter that you adore but it just doesn't work with your style? Do you have clutter with meaning and that in itself makes it hard to let go?
What if I have an idea for you for and that adorable clutter?
Join me tomorrow and experience a blogging experience like no other...who just might find a treasure.



  1. Great post! I spy a couple of things I love, but may consider them clutter too. :) Isn't it funny how we can really like something, but it just doesn't "fit". hmmm that may work for people too?
    Excited for tomorrow!

  2. I just dropped a carload of "clutter" off at my local Restore. I admit, I was hard. I had a lot of stuff that just didn't have a place in my home. I couldn't believe I filled my car up with the stuff. I can tell you how freeing it was to let it go though. I drove away and felt like a huge cloud was lifted!

  3. I was thinking of my clutter and what I could "choose" for "the plan", hehe! I am so excited about this idea! This is such an original post. Really, you have so many original ideas - did it all start with the bloghop when I met you??? I will need to research the archives!!!

  4. Lots of things we like, we don't like ENOUGH. It's sad, and hard to part with, but if we don't honor it, we aren't doing something beautiful justice.

  5. I know what you mean...I have some things that I love that just don't have a place in my home. Can't wait to see what is up your sleeve missy!

  6. This is so ironic as we have been talking about the very same thing! We currently have things that were given as gifts that I appreciate but I do not love. However we have children who love it! What does a person do?

    (anyone like Party Lite candles? ha ha!)

  7. Count me in! I am cleaning out the garage & just took a full truck load of stuff to GoodWill. Some stuff I had a hard time "letting go of"...LOL, but it is so nice to be able to actually walk around in there. I still have LOTS more to declutter. Signed, Clutter Queen of TN

  8. I totally have a hard time getting rid of gifts that people have given me. And yes, I seem to get candles and frames all.the.time as gifts! I think the hardest for me is to get rid of frames that people have given me at my baby showers, intended for pics of my kids, but are still sitting empty. Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve tomorrow!

  9. The perfect plan for this accessory addict!


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