Thursday, March 24, 2011

i copy more than i create

Ever think to yourself..why didn't I think of that?

Ever think to yourself...why didn't I do that project last week, now
I look like a copy cat if I post about this week?

I am hoping I am not hearing crickets after I type those questions. I fall into that downward spiral of questioning way too much. And after much thought...I am over it.

It is hard to not find something not brand new in the real or the vitual world. It all gets reused, renewed, and recycled...and everyone does it beautifully. I think the thing to do is embrace it and move on.

Ever wonder who found that 1st can of chalk board paint? Who made the 1st coffee filter wreath? Who wrote the 1st silhouette tutorial?

Well it really doesn't matter {unless you're that person..sorry that we have never met}...what matters is that it was found, made, and written...and that we have blogs to spread their fabulousness.


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  1. I think that all the time! "that's awesome, why didn't I think of that?"
    I did something once, and I really thought I was FIRST !! Using a scrabble tile holder for a chalk holder. Then one day I stumbled across a blogger that had done that, 2 months before me. HmpH! I thought I was original. But, I guess I can still feel that way somewhat, because I did think of it, I just wasn't the first person who thought of it.

  2. LOL.. happens ALL the time!! i have idea & inspiration folders {both digital & binders} and sketch out ideas.. as well as make notes about ideas. then, i'll see on a blog, something either identical or similar! at first, it made me upset that i didn't get my idea posted first. then, reality just smacked me in the face.. hey dummy, you're not the only creative thinking person in blogland!! LOLOLOL so now, i just embrace it, and congratulate the one who does get it out there.. and go ahead and do the idea too! i mean, a good idea, is a good idea, right?

  3. So agree! It's fun and that's what we have to remember, I'm more copy than orginal ideas but I think PB copies from blogs too!

  4. I ask myself that a lot! Even if I think I've come up with something new, I find out later that someone else did it first. But you know what? Most things don't look identical, even if they were inspired from the exact same thing. That's the fun part.

  5. I think imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so we are simply flattering those who have created before us! Copy away, especially if you can do it for cheaper!

  6. I am so much like that. I love copying other sites and tweaking things just a little bit. Sincerest form of flattery.

  7. Yep, happens all the time.
    And you're right - the important thing it that object was made or re-purposed, the simpler way was found, that the "new" found book was read.

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  8. Yep- I do think that, especially since I sometimes have to stew on it for many months. Two I can think of are my daughters closets- wanted to do them forever, then I see Sarah Richardson so it...guess who I look like I am copying. And also I wanted to do a wall like Miss Mustard Seed (that one I never got around to though).

    But recreating, creating and making is what is important, no matter where you get the inspiration.

  9. Oh yes, I have thought of that before.. like who started the chalkboard trend... even though chalkboards are sort of a classic thing that have been around. I think a lot of our trends here are ideas brought back from Europe. And I think it is totally fine to repeat something someone got to first, as long as we add our own special twist to it. :)

  10. The best part is that there is always someone new who will see it and think it's amazing! That is the best part of blogland!


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