Monday, March 14, 2011

when you buy what you love

The buzz word in blogland this year is all about decluttering. Aside of clothes and toys...the art of decluttering is almost synonymous with accessories. It seems like everyone is getting rid of "stuff." So much little of it really needed. People love a good bargain and buy it...hence...lots of stuff or accessories.

Well I think I am the exact opposite and I feel like a complete weirdo for it.

purchased at Tuesday Morning 3 years ago {the blaring red is my IU sweatshirt}
I am the queen of buying from my heart and the princess of walking away. I only buy something if it is a good deal and it is meant to make my house more into my home. Yes..I fall in lust with lots of things and doodads...but those that make the cut and up to the register...well it is "to have and to hold."

purchased at Kohl's 2 years ago on clearance

Now that I am creating a home for my little family, I have no intention on spending money on something "just because"..I have a Sallie Mae student loan that is swallowing any chance of me being debt free. Every purchase I make is made knowing why that dollar is being spent.
purchased at Target oh so recently
Another reason why I have few tchotchkes, I loathe dusting..and I don't have much time for it. With less have less dusting which means more time for cocktails and twitter. :)

purchased from my favorite beach shoppe in Pompano....10 years ago
I am also a creature of habit. I don't move things errs on the chance of buying more stuff if something doesn't look right. I prefer to get the space exactly how I envisioned it...and keep it that way. To me...when you are constantly are constantly spending.

 purchased at Kohls on sale 4 years ago {I have 2 of them}
Bloggers right now are all about subtracting from their rooms and finding out how beautiful a room can be with less. Heheh...go me. I am finally ahead of a trend.
Even though I purchased these about a year ago from Arhaus. I have loved them since HS & always wanted them adorning my bedroom walls. They were worth every dollar

All the items photographed in this post you have seen in and around my home. They are accessories. They are all things I love.

Just think...when you buy what you is never clutter. It is just buried treasure {way back in the closet}.


P.S. I do have some clutter..but I didn't buy it and neither did Mr. B. Can you guess? Stay tuned...


  1. Dude! I am so with you! I don't buy random statues to use for three months of the year. I buy things that I love and that are practical and can be used year round. I am not a fan of dusting or something looking too busy. I am a simple woman with a simple home. Amen for not having to purge!

  2. Totally agree! I actually only have one medium sized blue plastic bin that has some things from the past 6yrs that I don't 'use'. Other than that everything I buy or have bought over the years I have used. I hate spending money... Just hate it. Seriously, sometimes I wonder if im just to cheap lol, but in the end my 'cheapness' makes it extremely easy for me to walk away from a lot of things, and like you I only tend to buy things if their on sale or at a really good price! :)

  3. Great post !! So well put!
    I love your outlook on treasures!

  4. So jealous! I can't accessorize my home or myself to save my life. Luckily I know this about myself so I don't even try:) You will never catch me with earrings on or a decorative plate on my wall:( It is a gift I don't possess. But YOU do, I love all of your pieces!

  5. I am the exact same! My mom taught me a very valuable skill from an early age. When shopping, I don't buy anything (accessories, clothes) unless "I could marry it". Do I love it so much it makes my heart skip a beat? If it's not perfect I walk away. If it's just nice but not FABULOUS I walk away. This came in handy when we listed our house for sale. There was nothing to "clear out" for staging...except the toys. :-)

  6. Ah, how I wish I had your wisdom earlier! I am just now becoming a "Less is More" kinda gal. Growing up, it was a "how much can you get for your $?" race -- a race that I am SO over! :) Yeay!!

  7. ummm...I'm the reforming hoarder...I've learned to be much more selective over the last year. I've come to realize that things aren't nearly as important as they seem! If it doesn't contribute to making my house more of a home or make running my home easier, it doesn't come home with me!

  8. I only buy things I love, too!

    Problem is...I happen to love a lot! hehe! ; )

  9. I'm not a hoarder, but I do have to much stuff. I am working to simplify and de-clutter this year so we will see how it goes. I was wondering if you would stop by my blog and give me some feedback, I just recently found your blog and missed your bold and beautiful linky party.

  10. I couldn't agree more. I find that if I buy what I love, I keep it for years. When I buy things that I just sort of like or when I am influenced by a trend, it doesn't stick around long.

  11. Sigh. Still loving the flower dishes. Like, a lot.

  12. That's a smart way to shop! When you buy less, you spend less, you dust less and you have less clutter to de-clutter at the end of the year! And it's such a great philosophy to only buy those things that you LOVE! I try to shop this way because I don't have a lot of extra room. So unless I know where I'm putting something or I am absolutely in LOVE with it, I walk away.

  13. I couldn't agree with you more. I have a post like this partly written in my drafts- It goes along the lines of buying only what you love and walking away from what you don't.

    I have holes in my decor where I am waiting to find the perfect item- I don't want to fill it with just anything.

  14. Totally agree! And I LOVE that Target mirror! I might need to get me one of those!

  15. I totally agree... buy only things you love! I'm visit as a Circle of Bliss friend! Hoping to meet you next year.

  16. I could have written this post - and I just sit back and watch people throw the "junk" that they got last year and feel somewhat satisfied!

  17. Amazing!! Yes, you are amazing! I am with ya totally sorta. Since taking on my huge-amungus CedarBerry project I am only buying what I love for CedarBerry... and since I live here also I get the satisfaction of buying for seasons and events!! Lots of controlled love buying! Um and learning to be more organized. Love your Treasures!!!
    Hugs Girlie!


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