Monday, March 28, 2011

farmgirl meets surburbanista

I feel like I have been blessed to have been raised in the country.

There is something special about Elizabeth, Indiana. I know I grew up in a happy little bubble of swim meets, garden tomatoes, church picnics, barn kittens, and acres upon acres of woods to play in..but it is a blessed bubble that warms me on cold nights in the world of reality.

When 1st choosing a home of our own. Mr. B and I decided on a cute home in the suburbs. We needed something low on the maintenance scale and a safe little place for us to have a family. I had no idea how much I would love surburbia. From yard sales to borrowing has been a delightful experience.

I guess you could say I am torn between the country and the burbs. I love the convenience of everything in my home now.

The home I grew up in was 35 minutes from "town." Until you have lived far from "town" that required you to scheduleandd plan everything in reverse, let alone go home ASAP if you have ice cream in the can never fully appreciate the convenience of being close to it all.

And then I came across this home:

I love the look of open shelving and wish my parents would try this in their home.

For the love of beadboard and white....oh so pretty.

It is like this home already knew of my love for checkered floors.

I can see my magnolia plates above this bed. :)

Maybe I could redo a home like this in the historic section of town? I am still trying to figure out my style...but something about this style whispers to me. Lastly, this little home makes me rethink that bigger is not always better.

So much loveliness to inspire.....and of course, it makes me question everything.



  1. That is a great there a blog to go along with it!!! Love all those is vintage but chic!!!

  2. I love to look at other people's homes and this one you've found is beautiful! I love the country charm, but it's not cheesy country. The kitchen is gorgeous and I love that farm sink! When you redo your own little vintage home, make sure to invite me to the housewarming ;)

    We used to live about 30 minutes from town, too and I totally remember the rush to get home from the grocery store. We lived in AZ at the time so we'd have to bring along a cooler because there was no way to keep the ice cream from melting!

  3. If I were to move, I too would be torn. I love the country, but I am so spoiled by having so much shopping so close! I'm glad I don't have to make that decision. I hope all of that goes well for you.
    I hope you find a home that you can easily transform into "your" place! I miss ya! I don't even know what rotation you're on (what you're doing)

  4. Oh I adore that house! Those checkered floors? LOVE LOVE LOVE!

    I think I'm still trying to find my style too! I'd love to build a new house that has an 'old house' feel!

    Lauren @ tickled.

  5. AHH! ;) Don't show me anymore beautiful pictures!!! You and I really have the same 'dream home' taste. And what's dangerous about that is that my home needs a little updating. Every time you post a new drool-worthy picture, I change my plans! lol

  6. FOR THE LOVE OF BEADBOARD ; ) I'm totally using that, my dear. This house is divine. You can find homes with characters in the suburbs, you really can!!!

  7. That kitchen is to-die-for! Love all that bead board. I really want that house! We are torn too. We would love to move to the "country" but would miss the convenience of "town". My dad has the perfect place. 5 acres right on the edge of town. He has the best of both worlds. His closest neighbor is about a quarter mile...closest store about half a mile.

  8. I totally agree! Bigger is not always better.. That home is gorgeous:)

  9. Oooh. Good thoughts! We're contemplating the town vs. country thing right now while we're trying to decide where to move. I'm really drawn to the country, but I love our parks, and walking to the store to get milk and towny things like that... the debate goes on.

  10. Just dreamy, I have been considering putting up little curtains over the cabinets we use for recycling - thanks for a new inspiration pic, I hadn't even considered pinch pleats :)

  11. It's quite lovely E! I can't imagine being a country nor a city girl myself! I'm pretty sure I'm destined to be a suburbs girl for the rest of my life! Haha! : )


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