Friday, March 25, 2011

whole wheat

Long time ago in the land called the nest, I met a sweet nestie named Shortycake. And oh could she renovate. She was one of my 1st buddies in the world of the nest. She took an older home in Kentucky and turned it into a showplace. I have had this picture in my files because it inspired me to go with a warm color in my home.

As much as I try to explore outside the realm of Whole Wheat by is still my go to color. I love the color with white and black. It is fabulous in my book. In fact, I still find more rooms to add to my decor files that uses the color in the most dreamy ways.

Here the color is again...but it is famously known as Tobacco Road in this home....I love it against the black armoire. I adore that same depth of contrast with my own entertainment center and Whole Wheat.

picture from a google search that links to YHL

Oh..and now add a touch of striped silk. Look at how divine the the color is with the black and the white.

Am I wrong to love a color that screams 2005? :) Haha...that sounds funny, but with styles going to more of a cooler tone, is there still room for warm & crisp?



  1. I'm still in love with warm colors. I'm an autumn I guess :)

  2. of course there is! it's a matter of what makes your pea-pickin' heart thump!! :)

  3. Warm is always welcoming! I converted Nicholas on the subject and will be forever happy with the warm colors in our home!

  4. I, too, love this color. 2005 or not, it's far superior to any greige or green-gray-blue combination. It is gorgeous!

  5. I love warm colors too. I think your home has to represent you and what you love, not whatever the latest trend is. :)


  6. ABSOLUTELY!!! I work with other peoples palettes all the time, and I have even tried to change in my home, but every beige, teal, white is all too COLD for me!! ( We won't even mention pink! ) EWWWW!! I am a warm gold to the bone!! You have to live with it, not any one else!!
    Don't forget my giveaway this week!!

  7. Isn't it funny how each person just has a color that they love? Maybe it's like your horoscope or something:) I have tried and tried a million different colors and finally after perusing my own ideabook on houzz realized that every single room a liked had white walls! That explains why I could never settle on a color. BTW I don't think it screams 2005 at all I think those rooms look AMAZING!!

  8. You know? I tried the cool color scheme in a bathroom (I'm a fall color kinda gal, I needed to take baby steps! ) even though it looks great with white and black, I feel like that's about all it has gong for it! I have the hardest time decorating that room, and hope to paint it a warmer color soon. The color I picked is very similar to yours!

    I feel more comfortable surrounded in warmer colors, so I say go for the color you love!

  9. Cool doesn't work in the bulk of my house. As I tried to change up the color it was so hard but finally found bleeker beige and love it :)
    Hope you are having a fabulous weekend!

  10. That room definitely does NOT scream 2005... It is truly a classic style! YOu know like owning a navy peacoat, it never truly goes out of style just ages gracefully!

  11. Warm is always in! It makes you feel all cozy and at "home". And as for whether your color is "in" or not, if you like it, it's totally IN!

  12. fabulous inspiration photos. :) Warm works for me!

  13. Oh how I loved shortycake's home!!! Wow, thank you so much for reminding me and for potentially finding the perfect color for my downstairs :) I have lots of black furniture and white accents already :)


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