Friday, March 11, 2011

house hunters: can a house redefine your style?

As you know I am in love with the aspect of moving into a larger home upon graduation from pharmacy school. In my search..I came upon this one that might be perfect for my little family and my parents. It has 2 kitchens and lots of space...over +5000 sq feet of it and over an acre outside.

What I have thought about though with this house is that it really would not jive with a PB feel. It is more of a Jeff Lewis feel.

And let us not forget a fabulous Jeff Lewis kitchen

Between you and me....this is right up Mr. B's style. :)

I do think I would be daring in a home like this and go for a master bed like this:

I guess you could say I am a house whisperer....I just listen and see what the home wants. How about you? Is your style ever changed because of your love for the home?

I guess the most exciting aspect is we shall see what we end up with.



  1. The outside of a home does not reflect the inside. Do whatever you want to the inside. The outside is gorgeous!!

  2. I tend to agree with Vicky! Have too much to say that i'll have to write later. Enjoy the hunt!!

  3. oh most definitely! i do the exact same thing.. go with what the house 'wants'.. and therefore sacrifice what i might be itching to do! so, i'm constantly in a battle with myself to find balance between the two! :P

  4. WOW! The property is gorgeous! I can't wait to see what you guys end up with...I know the house will tell you its secrets.

  5. The house sounds acre for Thurgood and Papa...separate spaces for the it!! I love those clean lines you mentioned. I'm sure that making the house feel like home includes respecting the house's intrinsic feel. You will do a wonderful job wherever you end up!

  6. Oooeee! That's a big house! Can't wait to come visit. ; )

  7. Looks wonderful... our home is similar and my parents live downstairs with their own kitchen, entry, etc; very nice for the kids:)

    What an exciting adventure to be on!

  8. You will be able to work it out. ;) no matter what you do, it will be gorgeous, I'm sure! Are you planning on having your parents live with you?

    I just posted a giveaway, I would love it if you entered or could help spread the word!

    Have a great weekend!! :)

  9. I love traditional craftsman homes and I think my style tends to blend! But I think the architecture of a home very much dictates the interior style. Although one of my favorite trends right now is the traditional home on the outside with a modern twist on the inside...very cool!

  10. I dunno! I have no real opinion. lol
    maybe because it's late and I'm very tired. I think that whichever house finds you, you will make it your own, because it will "talk" to you!


  11. What a beautiful home. I'd have to move my whole family in with me to afford a house like that! In such a stylish home, you'd definitely have to have stylish decorations. My home is a little more down-to-earth ;) but it fits my down-to-earth decorating style.


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