Wednesday, March 2, 2011

salvation of the sake kind

Amid the trials of this past week, I found myself smiling when I came across this picture:

Some of you may remember the little decor arrangment my husband put together. It was his first attempt at decorating. He purchased a saki set and arranged it on our bar just so. :)

We both love sake and Mr. B tried his hand at a vignette. I thought of it as a work in progress.

And then....I came across the opening pic in the Spring PB catalog. Maybe PB read my blog and knew I needed a little guidance. Maybe I wanted to make the sake set work and finally "saw" it.

All I know is that it made me laugh and I needed to laugh.

Now all I need is a buddy {ahem Gail} to help me bring those individual sushi plates to life because $50 for 6 is kinda silly.


PS I also want to thank each of you for your sweet words and warm thoughts. I am humbled by your compassion and empowered by your friendship.


  1. I need to take a close look but those look exactly like the "soap" trays we made in wood shop when I was in jr high. They were a blast to make but I don't know what ever happened to them.... I never took one home. (I think our teacher kept a stash of projects....)

  2. You could so make those! Oh, and now you've gone and made me crave sushi...

  3. My PB catalog never came. Sad face! I did get PB kids though hahaha

  4. See your Hubs already knew how to decorate even before PB came in the mail.

  5. I ordered that mirror pictured from PB just yesterday, it was expensive but I've been lusting after if for over a year, it was time!

  6. Gorgeous inspiration photo. I LOVE that old corbel on the sideboard too. I have a love hate with PB right now, love to get the catalog, hate that I keep wanting to change my house each and every time I get one! lol.

  7. you're so funny! can't go wrong w/ PB inspiration!

  8. It's so good to laugh! And I know you will come up with knock-offs that look better than the original!

  9. Check out your man - ahead of the design trend :) We love sake and sushi too!

  10. I love that Mr. B tried his hand at a vignette! That makes me smile!

  11. I love it when my husband gets involved, but my favorite is when I make a change and he nods with great approval.

  12. that mr b! he's ahead of his time!
    Yep, you can count on me to help you make 'em.
    lunch was great! love getting together with you!

  13. I haven't had a chance to let you know I'm so sorry for your loss. Prayers to you and your family!

    On a different note... I can't see a saki set now without thinking of how your husband surprised you with the little vignette! So funny : )

  14. If my husband ever so much as lifted a finger in the decorating department.....I'd be calling in the troops! OMG! I can't even imagine what he might conjure up :-O

    All kidding aside....I am so sorry for your loss!
    Prayers of peace being sent your way!


  15. Perhaps Mr. B actually knew what he was doing?! Just don't tell him that that. Bwhahahaha! When I open a PB catalog, I always think to myself, only PB can make the mundane look so chic & then I'm overwhelmed by the urge to find a knockoff. I'll let you know if I stumble across something similar!

  16. I love his vignette! So creative:) I'm sure you can figure out a way to make those little plates! Can't wait to see them!!


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