Tuesday, March 8, 2011

a room somewhere

I am at the end of another rotation. Only 2 more to go...June is fast approaching.

It has been quite a busy rotation with teaching and meetings and more meetings...and has left me thirsty for blog time and daydreaming of rooms like this:

While I slave away in a room like this with my buddy Chad:
Yes, that is my little computer and I figure a small picture gives you an idea of how small the room is.

Luckily Chad and I have been friends since pharmacy school began (we carpooled..and I guess you could say we are in a cliche..hahaha) and THAT made this rotation..cake. :)

I miss my blogs & blog friends. Can you imagine if we were on rotation together? How fun would that be? :)



  1. Well there you are! I have been wondering, but kind of figured the rotation was the culprit. Oh if we were working together..we'd do nothing but talk about paint and bedding and art....That room is gorgeous by the way!

  2. At least the end is in sight! And if we were all on rotation together, we'd never get anything done!

  3. I miss you too! I'm about to be gone from blog land for a little bit too. We'll all be back in fine form soon enough though!

  4. Missing you in the blogsoshpere but I know you're doing what you gotta do! You are so close to graduating!! : )

  5. Short term goals get you through the day? Just think that the end is in sight.

  6. You are doing something fantastic for yourself!

  7. it will all be over and you will be making some $$$ very soon! :)
    June is just around the corner! Lots to look forward to besides you graduating! We're hosting a FUN time!

  8. Love that amazing bed...looks just like a big arm chair!!! Hope everything is going well...you're almost there!

  9. Aw, Chad doesn't want to talk about the latest trends in home decor?? ; ) Good luck with everything, girl! xo

  10. love that bed! {restoration hardware, right?}

  11. We'll be here when you're done. All your hard work will pay off!

  12. Mega behind on blogs and, well, pretty much else and was just reading through things and wasn't commenting...Tilllll "I saw your imagine if we were on rotation together"...We'd have to find a way to alternate meeting attendance to plot our pharmacy/everything-else-we-love combo shop! I'm not sure how much pharming we'd get done, but rotation with you would be a blast! :)


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