Sunday, March 13, 2011

my gas station master bath

No...I can not even post a pic of it. It is THAT bad. I am gravely disgusted with my boring master bathroom. Mr. B & I have been in this house for +5 years and it is the same as it was the day we walked, it was cleaner then. :)

After a long day on rotations, I want to come home to something that doesn't repulse me. master makes me ickie inside. I feel like I need to attach a key to a hubcap to perfect the ambiance I have going on there.

I think I would like to go for something like this:

The way I look at it...if I spruce up the master bath: #1 I will FINALLY enjoy it and #2 it will show nicely when our little home goes on the market. I really want to just reuse the elements but add a dash of color/character.

I have been going back and forth between white or expresso cabinets. Yet in the end, I think expresso is the way to go because it will blend nicely with my master bedroom. And....I am curious as to using the new "cabinet transformation" product. Oh...and I LOVE the chrome pulls against the expresso.

There are many little aspects that play well in this bathroom..that I believe I could "knock-off."

Please....of course these babies had me at hello. But who needs the "found" prices starting at $69. I know I could make these. Would you buy some if I made some? :)

And I am sure I could Goodwill this darling. Can you not see Mr. B's stuff so nicely in this cabinet? {maybe even a friendly blogger out there would help me make know I am winking at you.}

No...this is not my bath. I was too lazy to take a pic so I googled one as close to mine as possible.

The real question is what does one do with the garden tub wall? I don't even have tile like the above picture..but I think it will need something. Any thoughts? What could I do for super cheap but get super fabulous results?

So there you have thoughts officially written in blog world. Now it is time to tackle it..I need to stop being lazy and do it. Anyone free this week to come help?



  1. Follow your heart!! Yes these things are so easily attainable !! you can do it!! Hugs!

  2. You crack me up with the intro to this post... I am so curious. I want to see the pics now, haha. Yes, you could knock the heck off of those little bottles and label. Honestly, I would buy some, if I got a sweet deal! AND, you posted just the right question. I have a garden tub as well that needs a little POP! Maybe we could do some wall stenciling ( in that nook OR you could put those mirrored "windows" in there for depth. I have seen them at Hobby Lobby and just bought 4 of them at a thrift store (be looking for my post on them). Here is a picture of them in a living room. Tell me what you think! ( Tell me what you think!

  3. hey you!
    We both then have a yuck master bath,
    I have one of those tubs and was thinking of somehow going over the "fake tile" with some wainscotting...but then I worry about mildew...I don't know.
    You first :)

  4. You are too adorable!!
    If I wasn't in the middle of a whole house and 2 acre redo I would hop over immediately with tools in tow! I love remodeling...ok I'm addicted to remodeling.
    As it is though I will cheer from afar and offer advise if needed:) You go for it,Girl

  5. would you be winking at me little missy!? I don't think I can help you make one of those cabinets, but I can sure help you repurpose something!
    the bottles are adorable, think it's your pharm background drawing you to those?
    ohh, love the intro with the key on the hubcap thing! ewww who would ever use a bathroom if you had to carry a hubcap? hahaha
    hey, it just so happens I am about to order a stencil from cutting edge. Would make a great blog post (your little nook) garden tub.
    It's going to be too pretty at the end of the week for errands (i'll be building) when are we getting together this week? are we thrifting?

  6. I can't wait to see what you do - hopefully it will inspire me to get mine in order!

  7. Ha ha you are hilarious! I have been meaning to send you an email all week! I even started it and it has just been sitting in my drafts box, lame I know :) I will send it soon. Anyways, I love your inspiration pic, it's perfect. I so wish I could come help you with this project! My husband goes back to school after a great spring break this week and it's my first week of not working anymore so.... how far is the drive to Indiana?! :) Best of luck!

  8. We have our distaste for our bathrooms in common! I can't wait to see what you do with yours. I just painted the cabs in our guest bathroom espresso, and I love them. Im just unhappy with everything else, lol.

  9. Our bathroom was pretty bad when we first moved into our house too. I think you have to just start somewhere. When you think about the project as a whole it's overwhelming but picking something and just tackling that one thing will motivate you to do more. :)


  10. Oh you KNOW you have to show us pictures of your actual bathroom now :0) Ours is so bad we refuse to use it. Seriously, that door has been shut for the last 4 months while we use the only semi-better guest bathroom. So I say go for and and motivate my behind to tackle ours lol

  11. can't wait to see what you come up with!! Espresso would be so pretty...

    about that garden wall?? have no ideas...

  12. Poor thing, doesn't it suck to not have a master bath that you just want relax in? At least you have a tub, my master only has a shower!! I think you can totally turn the master bath around. You're on to a great start with the thought of goodwill, and doing your own version of the expensive bottles. As for the wall, you should try stenciling! It makes a huge difference and looks like wallpaper. I did it in my coat closet if you want to check it out.

    Also, I'm following you back!

  13. I am sure you will come up with something fabulous!!! I saw an espresso/black vanity/bathroom makeover where the lady just basically used paint and changed up the pulls.

    I love the jars...I am sure you can find some great things at goodwill and then use vinyl or fabric or something. I saw where a lady used the Starbucks bottles from those frapachino (sp?) 4-packs that you purchase at the grocery store. Pretty cute!!

    And!! The garden tub thing... this lady did some tile around her tub. I also saw on DIY and HGTV (because I am a total junkie) how they tile (like in the picture you posted) with cheaper tile and then put a pretty, more expensive border along the top to make it more visually interesting. Tiling is not hard; you can do it!!

  14. I'm sure you could create lots of cute elements for your bathroom on a budget. And what about a fun, bold paint color for the garden tub area? It wouldn't be hard to do, it wouldn't cost much $$$ and it would add some fun color and interest to that area?


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