Monday, January 24, 2011

green, glass, & something unexpected

So in the world of decor, the cheapest thrill for me is the Pottery Barn catalog. Not only does it come in the mail to my home, but it is free. How divine is that?

I love getting the catalog in the mail. It is almost a religious ceremony for me when I see it on my counter in the afternoon. Anywho, I have come to define for me the 3 main components of the January 2011 catalog.

The 3 lovely elements that I see interwoven with each page of design is:
1. green
2. glass
3. something unexpected

Just look at these following images. You will find a hint of green, a glimmer of glass, and a dash of the unexpected.
Do you see those green branches in the corner and see how they are in a glass jar? Oh..and the unexpected {imo} is the wood coat hanger with that dainty little mirror and picture framed with cards...oh the fact it is off centered -- even more unexpected.

You can see the green & the glass..and the unexpected -- I think it is the architectural elements with the tealights and the ladder side table.

Your you see the green, glass, and unexpected?

This room is full of unexpected.

The itty bit of green is still there, and the decanter still gives the sparkle. What element is the unexpected for you?

And once again...this dining room is all about green, glass, and the unexpected.

The best part is a lot of these elements you can do without spending a penny. I plan to use a few myself. So which elements would you use? And what would you do to make something unexpected in the room?

And now for my little unexpected for you. Coming soon in honor of Blogs & Blissdom {since we can't go}.......a blog hop party is well in the works. Stay tuned for more details. I think a giveaway is in order too. Tell your friends. A party is ALWAYS more fun with lots of guests. 

Ahhh...I love a little unexpected when it means presents. :)



  1. Hi e,
    Aren't these pictures lovely! Green has always been one of my favorite colors. I'm drawn to it. You're right...some of the elements of these rooms can be copied with a few good trips to the thrift stores and flea markets. I'm gonna have to keep my eyes open for some of this "stuff".
    I'll be watching for the party!
    PS...thanks for stopping by. You always say the sweetest things:)

  2. There is just something about looking through the PB Catalog that is just so soothing and relaxing.

  3. I noticed the green in the catalog while dreaming. I told Hubs we need more greenery in our house. We have nada.

  4. I need to get PB in the mail. :( I did get it once, but then they never sent it again. I figured they won't send it if I don't order anything.

  5. OOOH did I hear the word Presents? Im in! I too love the new catalogs.

  6. Oh I love the Pottery Barn catalog! I believe I could decorate our whole house from it! New to your blog. Glad I found it.

  7. I love going through catalogs like PB and Ballard and thinking up ways to recreate the way-too-expensive things they sell. : )


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