Thursday, January 27, 2011

my blog review {have to join my own party}

Please take a look around my blog, check out the layout, pages, buttons, sidebar and gadgets. I would love for you to gently critique my blog. I’m hoping you will leave me some positive feedback about my blog. It would be great if you could give me constructive criticism but be sure to tell me what you like about my blog too! Do you like my pictures? Does my blog load quickly for you? How about the font? All tips and tidbits welcome!
Thank you for reviewing my blog and participating in my party! Come join the party and review other blogs...Be Bold....Be Beautiful!



  1. Hi Megan. Thanks for hosting the party. I like the nice clean look of your blog. I like how your comment section is at the bottom, ready for posting. I like the color of the text and the font, however, it is pretty small for me to read.

    I would put your sponsors further up the page and reorganize the sidebar a little more, like with follows and ways to contact you together. I like the pictures of your rooms on the sidebar.

    I'm excited to look through your site, though, to learn more about you.

  2. Very lovely blog my friend! I love the simple, clean layout. My only suggestion would be to have your links open in a new window. You don't want your traffic popping out and getting lost before they get back. :)

  3. Hi e ~ Thanks for being a lovely hostess :)

    I like the clean lines of your blog body. Very easy to read! I also like how you have your rooms posted on the sidebar.
    I love coming to your blog and reading your posts. They are always informative and fun to read. I really like your House Hunters posts and photos. I also like the way you incorporate other photos in with your own home photos. It helps show me as a reader what you have in mind and I really like that.

    I only have two small suggestions :)
    1: I could not find a Share feature on the posts for Twitter or FB. I love sharing posts with others and I have found that to be the easiest way.
    2: I could totally see your header as a beautiful florishy(is that a word??) one. I am basing this purely on your blog name which I love and personally I would want to show it off with a stunning header :)

    Thanks again :)

  4. Some of my favorite parts of your blog include the symmetry of the Sponsors section - a place that usually annoys me because it is so scattered looking - but you have really made it very appealing. \
    I like the white background and grey lettering, but I can see where it might be hard for me to read later as my eyes get older.
    I also like the link for the various rooms in your house - very handy for me to search out something in particular.
    The only thing that I could pick out if someone held a gun to my head is the banner (header) it looks off center on my laptop monitor... it is probably fine on everyone else's computer though.

    Thanks for hosting such a useful party!

  5. You know I love you and your beautiful blog! Make your header proud and a little wee bit bigger....Every thing else my friend is perfection!

  6. I like that your header is off-centered. I would have maybe gone a little more off-center to exaggerate it, so people know it is not a mistake.

  7. Hi!
    First, thank you for hosting the great Blog Hop party. First one I have ever joined in..EEK..
    I LOVE the brighness and cleanliness of your blog. It really shows off everything! I also like the width of the page and how it highlights your blog. I am really new to this, and can't give anyone much advice. Seems like you have it perfect.
    New follower and blessings,

  8. I like your blog and thank you for hosting this blog hop party - it is my first. Your page loaded speedy quick. Your font on the sidebar and in your post is great - very readable. Do you mind sharing what it is?

  9. I also love your sponsors section. I'm hoping to get mine looking exactly like that :)

    I love the softness of the grey...

    I would love to see a larger photo in your about me...maybe the same square size as your sponsors? the cleanness of your labels and archives...will be exploring your site more!

  10. Hi thank you for hosting this blog party Its a great way to dicover new blogs. I love the content of your blog and the neat layout, I love photos on the side Im not keen on the white background i find it makes my eyes tierd and slightly larger text would be good but thats just personel to me I dont think anyone else finds it a problem

  11. This isn't a direct blog comment, but a comment on your comments :)
    You always leave the loveliest comments. I see you around the blogosphere commenting and they are always so sweet, uplifting, and endearing!

    This isn't a problem, but you have a lot of extra space on each side. You could widen your posting section to let your readers see more at once. It doesn't "bother" me :). But, you would have more horizontal space that way.

  12. Because I'm NO expert ( ha! ) I can only give my opinion as an average viewer, and I think its beautiful! Nice and simple, with a stunning way of laying everything out.

  13. Hello my dear! Well I have to admit I love your blog!! The pictures, your creativity, and how sweet, kind and truly gracious you are!!! (you always make a person feel special both in blogland and in person!!)

    The only think I can see that might be an issue is sometimes the grey is a bit hard to read (I REALLY do need to see about glasses so it is PROBABLY more ME than anything!!!!)

    Thank you so very much be being such a gracious host!!

  14. I love your blog hun, you are my inspiration for getting more stuff done in a much prettier way! You work white well, I can see why you are such a fan of neutrals! I'd agree with Gail on the link poppin', I know I've clicked away on accident before and got distracted....It's crisp, but classy, simple, but lovely.
    Keep it up!

  15. I like the new look girl! I agree with Kristin that you could make the header larger and if you want, you have the room to post larger photos (like Shannon said). Also, I agree with Peggy, you always leave the sweetest comments! You are a real encourager- I want to see great things for you too.

  16. Thank you for hosting this blog hop! I found your site from {twenty}something.

    After a semi-quick browse I have to say there isn't much about the layout of your blog that I don't like. The colors are professional and clean without looking like a corporate website.

    The only thing that I could really think of that could be improved is the "Meet my Lovely Friends" list. I, personally, am not fond of the photos that appear next to some of the links. If they all had icons or none had them, I wouldn't have anything to say! The mix of some having them and some not seems a little uneven if that makes sense.

  17. Hello! I like your blog - it's not cluttered. One thing I suggest is that you put your popular posts way down at the bottom and I would bring it up to the top somewhere!

  18. e -
    Thanks for hosting such a great blog hop. I love the clean lines of your blog. The colors are very classic. I am totally stealing the pictures of your rooms in the sidebar for my blog since everyone commented that I needed that. You have a great balance of pictures (both yours and others for inspiration) and write with great voice. I do think that your facebook/twitter/e-mail/label font should be bigger or maybe be a different color to stand out more since it is all text or maybe create buttons that people can click on for e-mail/facebook/twitter. I also think you should TRICK OUT your banner and make it larger! And what's this about you leaving all of the sweet comments for everyone? I thought I was the only one getting those! hehe

  19. MeganDVD or e (ha!) -

    First, thanks SO much for hosting this WONDERFUL & FUN blog party! It's been fun hearing what people think about my blog ... And finding new friends! And thanks too for your sweet sweet comments about my blog!

    I LOVE your blog! So easy to read ... The sidebar is easy to navigate but if I had one suggestion ... Grouping all your info together (subscribe, followers, etc). I love all your posts & cannot WAIT to read more! :)


  20. I think your blog is beautiful...I agree with making you header larger....and I love when a blog has a place to have it emailed right to me! That way I don't forget to read it! I love the font and the dark gray....I am getting a makeover as we I am chicken to get reviewed right now!!! But how great to read these reviews for my makeover :)

  21. Hi Megan Sweetie...
    A beautiful blog home. I would make your header larger though, it kind of gets lost in the text. I love your title though, so unique and catchy.

    I love everything else about it. Your text is good, and I love the order of your scrollbar. Just beautiful.

    I am Country Wings in Phoenix, your newest follower, and I can't wait to see what you share next. Please stop by and say hi. I love meeting new friends and sharing along the way. I am not participating, but found you by chance blog hopping this evening. A true find my friend. I would love to have you follow me as well.

    Country hugs sweetie, Sherry

  22. Hi Megan, I am by no means an expert blogger, just having started my own in December. But here's my two cents worth. I LOVE your blog!
    I love the seamless way is shows as I scroll down. I love that the sponsor button colors are conducive to the theme colors of your blog.

    Two things I noticed on my tour (mind you, I have been here many times before):

    1. I find it refreshing how lower case letters are used for your archive. Being the daughter of an English Prof., I am still unable to change habits Dad ingrained in me. I love your deviation to use lower case.

    2. I love your header, the colors and the simple yet, effective clean lines. I think Dawn may have mentioned it too, is it my screen size, or is it off side.
    If this is meant to be another deviation to the arts...I love your courage.

    I think your blog, overall, is lovely.

    Now, if I didn't feel so jittery about mine being "out there", I'd be doing okay. This blog hop is a tremendous idea and I am hoping to learn a lot from all you ladies.


  23. Great blog and thanks for hosting this blog hop! I know mine needs help!! Yours looks very neat and clean. Perhaps a larger header or larger fonts in the header. ( This coming from someone that desperately needs a header!!) Please please enter me in the giveaway!

  24. This blog hop has not been a scary as I thought, thanks so much for hosting! I like your blog just the way it is, so clean and crisp! Great blog!

  25. Thanks so much for hosting this blog hop! I have learned SOOO much from all the comments. Hands blog hop I've ever participated in!

    I really like the clean and uncluttered feeling of your blog. One of my favorite parts is the pictures and links to your rooms...I'm always drawn to room/house tours...great feature!

    I'm in agreement that the header could be a smidge bigger. Also, having share buttons for email, facebook, etc. would be great as well so I could share your link with friends.

    Beautiful blog and I look forward to following! :)


    PS...I would love to enter the giveaway! Thank you!

  26. Thanks so much for hosting this great blog hop. I'm getting so many ideas from viewing the designs of others. I'd love to be entered in the giveaway.

    I love the clean look of your blog. The grey on white is simple and uncluttered. The only thing I would say to improve the design is that I personally like a search box. It makes it so much easier to search for a topic rather than sorting through the archives.

  27. Hi there! Thanks for hosting!

    PRO: Clean & simple
    CON: bigger header, add some color!
    PRO: Easy navigation

  28. Love that your hosting this blog hop. I've never seen anything like this before - and it's a great idea!
    I like your blog. It's serene, peaceful, calm, simple, clean. I wouldn't change a thing!!
    Thanks again :)

  29. Thank you for creating and hosting such a great blog hop.

    I think I already left a message on another post that your blog is just lovely:) But I would agree with some of the others on a larger banner, so it really sings when someone opens the page. Other than that I think it is wonderful. I like your profile at the top and the soothing colors.


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