Thursday, January 13, 2011

trade secrets: beauty is skin deep {moisturizers}

Whether you're browsing the cosmetics counters in your favorite department store or strolling through the aisles at your local pharmacy, the number of facial soaps, creams and moisturizers can be overwhelming. So many many pretty many promises..but let's be honest, it can be difficult to distinguish truth from hype.
But I am not hear to discuss which option is the best. That concept is better off as a one on one consult. What I am here is to tell you a little secret about moisturizing.

First thing {and you already know this}, you should moisturize at least twice a day..especially during these dry winter months. Dermatologists recommend using a daily facial moisturizer as part of a skin care routine.

We all wash our face, and this activity not only removes dead skin cells, dirt and bacteria, but it also strips the skin of needed hydration. Water -- not oil -- in the skin keeps it plump and smooth, whereas dry skin loses elasticity, making it more prone to developing wrinkles. And we all would pay a pretty penny to avoid wrinkles, but why not stop them before they start.

So what is my trade secret?

It doesn't matter how expensive or how cheap the moisturizer is...the real deal is mastering the "how to apply."

Just remember when applying anything to your face, use your ring and middle fingers. We love our pointer finger, but that finger can tend to be rough on delicate skin....especially around the eye. Plus the pads of the other fingers are usually more soft. {so that 1st pic in my post is all wrong, but I liked it....oh well}

Finally, after you have applied your moisturizer....let it "set" before doing anything. Don't do anything with your face. No touching. No makeup...nada.Go make your bed if its in the AM or put on your jammies if  it is close to bedtime. Just let that moisturizer "soak" into your skin. This is so key...especially in the morning before putting on makeup. If you don't allow it to "set" more than likely when you apply makeup, you will "push" off your moisturizer. Try it and you will notice a difference, I guarantee it. {as for how with it because it is all based on individual skin chemistry.}

There you have it. Two simple and easy ways to improve the moisture of your skin, but many people don't do it.

Hope you like my little secret..



  1. cool! thanks!
    olay regenerist says middle child... that sounds like what I need, but I think it's pricey. So, miss megan, the question is, what "thrifty" product do I use? one on one... yeah we can do that someday! (when we get together to go thrifting)
    hope you feel better

  2. I have avoided moisturizer for a whole year. Can you believe it? I found I kept getting a weird rash no matter what I tried. This rash was unexpected and out of the blue. So now I just wash my face and go to bed. So far no dryness. Maybe too this will change unexpectedly. Hubs keeps griping that he is out of "face stuff" though.

  3. YES!!!! Thanks, my friend. I live in the land of dryness. Colorado is so dry that we should invest in humidifier stock for realsies. Let's just say I can use all the tips I can get on moisturizing.


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