Friday, January 14, 2011

house hunters: Old Louisville {again}

During Winter Break, I took advantage of a free afternoon and looked at 3 homes in Old Louisville. These homes would be in case our multi-generational home never came to be. I just wanted to share and get your many possibilities.

The staircase is breathtaking....I am just not a fan of the Master Suite...kinda odd.

The kitchen here is UNBELIEVEABLE.

I have ALWAYS wanted to live on is one of the only walking courtyards in Louisville. If only the house were bigger {I need another family or gathering room}..and as crazy as it sounds, I would "put pack" the 2nd story to increase the Master Suite. They took it out to create a 2 story living room.

So we shall depends on so much. It depends on my employment, our family goals, and maybe even a new baby to be one day. We shall see, but I love to dream and have you dream along with me.



  1. wow! gorgeous homes! The belgravia one has a "dresser bench" in the laundry room! :)
    My kinda people!

  2. Oh my goodness! You can get so much more for your money in Louisville!!! I am SO jealous.... gorgeous!

  3. It's so fun to see the architecture in other cities. These houses have such a unique style. Thanks for showing them!

  4. Wow - tough choice. I checked out all three and they all have so much charm and character. You were right about the kitchen in the second one. I think I'm torn between #1 and #2. And I agree - I'm jealous too!
    Good luck dear.

  5. I love all three of them!!!! But the last one is def. my fav!!!

  6. You are freaking me out, sista! My dream is to get into an old house on an old square or street with a lot of character. Great post!

  7. My friend and I stayed in a B&B last spring in Louisville...I wish I could remember the street name...but Louisville is full of these fantastic old homes...I was in Heaven and wished we had more time to look around. The b&b we stayed in had a carriage house behind it that was rented as an apartment.

  8. Oh my gosh! I seriously love an old home...I so want to live in an old house down by the (I guess, "a" as I don't have a particular body of water in mind) river. We shall see!

    You are right, the kitchen in #2 is wonderful!! I am in love with all the fireplaces in all of the homes. Thanks for sharing!


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