Tuesday, January 11, 2011

i need mommy decor advice

So I think most of you know that I have been slowly creating a big boy room for my little man. Well...I am at a standstill, and not just because I am working 10-12 hrs a day at another clinical rotation, but because I am in need of some mommy decor advice.

I found this wall treatment at The Stories of A to Z a while back ago and have fallen in love with it. I love how simple it is but gives texture and whimsy to what would be just another painted wall.
Do you see what I mean? It adds so much character to a wall.

Well I have an idea of how I envision Thurgood's room. It involves some bold color and a hint of ocean life. It may sound theme-y, but it is coming out darling. It is big enough for a little boy, but not too mature. It has a focus, but is not matchy-matchy. This age is so fun for creativity in a bedroom.

Well I want to do 2 walls {the one his bed is on and the opposite} in white..AND I want to do the above fun wall element. Here is where the mommy advice comes in..

It is rope lined on the walls with upholstery tacks.

Am I being too risky with this design for a boy almost of 4? At this point in time he could care less about the walls in our home {we have no chalkboard walls at all} and I do think I could attach them so they can not be removed.  There are so many ways to "fix" stuff to the walls. I have learned this lesson many times over. So I {and Mr. B would also like your opinion as he just informed me} want to know if this would be doable.

So I need feedback from any and all mommas. Let me know your thoughts.



PS  I am also playing with the illusion of upholstery tacks...maybe clip off the "tack" and glue the head to the rope? Just thinking out loud...


  1. It's definitely interesting! I think it's totally doable, but I have no mommy experience so I'm not so sure what a toddler might do to it! : )

  2. I think this would look so good, I personally like your idea of using upholstery tacks and gluing them!!! cant wait to see what you do, as I know it will look fabulous!!

  3. I love it but I think I would use screws to attach the rope to the wall. I have 2 grown boys and I think I would have been too stressed out to let them play in their own rooms if they could have pulled the tacks out.
    Love J

  4. I say just try a a line or two in his room and if he totally ignores it for a few days, I say go for it. I think it is really interesting. I would probably glue them myself though, just cause my OCD would make me!

  5. Wow, what a cool look!

    Hmm, I probably wouldn't clip the pin part off though, b/c even with strong glue they could be popped off pretty easily. I know I would find myself scanning those lines regularly, and panicking if one was missing, crawling all over the floor looking for it and hoping that I wouldn't be digging through poop for the next few days. Just saying.

    Good luck with it!

  6. Hmmm, I'm no help here- sorry! But the look is really cute. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished result!

  7. I would think that by his age, the automatic action of putting things in his mouth should be pretty much over with.

    Go for it, but make sure they are securely attached, and make it a point to explain it is for decoration, not for playing with!

  8. Oh Megan! Life is stressful enough, why waste any anxiety on a cool wall treatment?

    I get that it's cute, but COULD something go wrong? I just wouldn't want to chance it. You will want to be able to let him play in his own room, and what happens when friends come over?

    If you really want the treatment, I'd go for paint. Little stripes with dots of paint could create the effect without the chance of choking or strangling anyone.

  9. I don't know about your son, but my daughter is a firm believer that if something is on a wall, she should be able to pry it off with her Handy Manny tools. I put cute little stick on mirrors on her walls and every one of them was pulled over. I found a bunch of them when I washed her sheets!!! So, at my house, no. HOw about painting something that looks like the tack?

  10. I would NEVER sacrifice a child's safety for a cool wall treatment. Just wouldn't want to live with that for the rest of my life. Rope and tacks are both extremely dangerous for little ones.


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