Sunday, January 16, 2011

a little ruffle & a little indulgent

I believe the master bed and room itself should be indulgent. I think I decorate ever so slowly compared to others. Oops! I have been promising myself to "try" and not compare myself or my blog to others. In my grand decor philosophy, I really believe in taking your time and enjoying the process of finding each piece..and most importantly, loving what you bring into your home. There should be no deadlines in decorating. Life is full of deadlines, so why instill them in attempting to make a house a home?
I think I found the another element to add to a fabulous bed.

Meet Miss Velvet Ruffle. Her shade is not white yet it is not ivory...but a marriage of the two. I swear she changes with the sun.
Those little ruffles are swoon worthy. It was obvious we were meant to be besties. She has been texting me ever since we 1st met in a Target aisle. But it wasn't until yesterday I took her seriously. She was on clearance at Target for $23.

I think she adds something to the bedding that was missing. What do you think?

Underneath all those pillows, I have something a little indulgent. Quite some time ago I won a CSN gift card from My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia. It was to expire at the end of December. So guess what I was doing on my NYE? :) I decided on some new 600 thread count sateen sheets. I actually spent all of summer and fall debating on what to get...but when I found the sheets, I thought it would be a perfect way to spend my new found prize. I spent all of my gift card and paid only a few dollars for shipping. Thank you Kristin for the giveaway! It was such a delight.

So underneath all that lush bedding you will find these:

And they smell like this:

Both the sheets and the detergent are a little indulgent, but when one is free and the other was bought with a coupon..I think the money was well spent for the perfect sweet slumber.


  1. I believe the same....should rise up to meet you, feel special....bedrooms are so important! Love the colors!

  2. It looks awesome! What a great little pillow!

  3. Love that pillow and all the pillows on your bed for that matter! I bet those sheets feel fabulous!

  4. I love your new little pillow! she's gorgeous! Aren't you glad you waited for a deal! :)
    Great choice on the sheets. I LOVE great sheets!

  5. Oh man, I'm the worst when it comes to comparing myself to other blogs! I like your thinking there. The pillow is perfect. It really creates a good balance between the masculine and the feminine in your room. Good eye!

  6. I am getting ready to paint my bedroom furniture soon and have been shopping around for basic white sheets. Am I crazy for liking a little poly cotton blend though?

  7. I think that gorgeous pillow is the perfect touch!! And those plates (??) on the wall are just adorable! Where are those from?!

  8. Love the pillow! I need to redo my bedroom soon, it's starting to feel 'old'. Like, just a place to sleep, not a 'melts the day away' kind of feeling in there anymore. Soon, that will all change, I hope!!! :)

  9. My bedroom is a work in progress ! Just got a white down for xmas, planning on painting and searching for a chandelier.....

  10. I just now discovered the worth of high thread count sheets! Your bedroom looks so warm and I love it! That little ruffle pillow is too darn cute.

  11. I STILL love those plates on your wall! My next purchase for our master BR will be sheets and Im hoping to "indulge" on them too. After all, you sleep on them every night. SHouldnt they be wonderful?

  12. I think that pillow is adorable! Love the whole picture! I am slow to decorate too even if I am impatient.

  13. Once again, agreed about not rushing and comparing! It's just funny how much pressure a blog can bring.

    Looooove the new bedding! It's all so sweet and elegant. It totally matches with those incredible plates, too! I'm just swooning over your room.

  14. Beautiful!!! I love the new pillow. I found you through Tuesday's Treasures, love your style!


  15. I love the pillow, and you got such a great deal! Your bedroom is so pretty.

  16. "She has been texting me ever since we 1st met in a Target aisle" ---> *giggle, snort* And now you have successfully made me snort wine all over myself. Also, I'd love to sleep in your bed, nestled up against those pillowy beauties. The ruffled one shall have the place of honor (near my adoring eyes).

    I'll be over in an hour. We can sneak in a glass of wine before bedtime. Does that work for you?

  17. P.S. That board & batten of yours never ceases to make me weak in the knees. Adore!

  18. Hello my dear friend-
    I've been horrible at getting around to everyone, forgive me? Things have been crazy!
    The sheets are fabulous, how do they feel, are they comfy? I'm so glad that is what you purchased!
    Been thinking of you lately, hope everything is well with the little guy and work!

  19. This looks beautiful! I love what you said; "There should be no deadlines in decorating." When I first moved in to my home I fell victim to the 'bed in a bed' decorating style and bought everything from a matching line at a big box store- and I mean everything- the lamps, rug, pillows, curtains. It just had no personality but I was sick of sleeping in an empty room. Now that I've been here awhile, I have been replacing items and making the room feel more like my own. Your bed looks great- love all those pretty pillows!


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