Monday, January 10, 2011

for the love of thrifting

Working 10 hours a day is rough at the hospital pharmacy, but it is worth it for that 1 day off...a complete day off that I get to go and browse my favorite stores for thrifting.

My current love is Peddlers Mall. All of these lovelies were less than $200!

I wish I had a place for this darling chair.

Imagine Floraline pottery on this piece.

Oh my...the curving detailing makes me swoon.

I can just imagine this in a high white gloss..can't you?

I might have to go back and spy these chairs out again. Yes...there were 2 (and under $30 total) and they came with a weird table, but the chairs make it all worth it.

Look at the handles!

And this piece was my favorite! I wish I had room for it. It is darling and for $150, it was oh so hard to walk away. which do you love? How I wish I had the extra cash, a little studio to refinish, and a place to put all these lovelies.


  1. That first dresser with all the curves is my favorite! Ok, so I have one in the guest room I'm making over right now that's pretty close, but I'd take another one...

  2. Picture number 2 gets my vote! I love it. What a great place for bargains! Glad you got a day off to enjoy.

  3. We just love too many beautiful things...and sacrificing sleep for these things just doesn't get it...(you could diy between 2-4 a.m. before working at the hospital ;-) Kidding...but you did find some great pieces...I love those chairs!!!

  4. Get the chairs before someone else does!!!

  5. I love the cane back chairs and the white dresser! Gorgeous! You are making me want to go thrifting this week!

  6. I like the last piece the best! So cute! You need to move so you will have a huge house to fill up with lovelies like these! :)

  7. The VERY LAST PIECE for sure. Small. Curvy.

  8. That white dresser needs to come to my house. Now!

  9. Love that first chair! It's a beaut!

  10. Oh my gosh! I love the second picture, the buffet with the missing lower door inserts... oh goodness, I love it!

    I also love the Gentlemen's chest of sorts, the last picture.

    For the prices, I am so proud of your will power to not take them home!!

    PS- I agree with the long days being so worth the complete extra day!

  11. That white dresser totally reminds me of Life in the Fun Lane! I'd looove to see you give it your magic touch. I also am star struck by the piece with the incredible handles. Those handles have me fanning myself. I hope you'll get those chairs so I can see you make them gorgeous!!

    How long have I been gone?! Your blog is so ooh la la! When did you make it over?!

  12. So great! Love that first chair and then I also noticed that green tufted chair sitting next to the last dresser. New fabric and she would be DIVINE! Wanna go thrifting??

  13. Whoa...some seriously good stuff there!!!


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