Friday, January 21, 2011

house hunters: what i see

My dad and I have been checking out LOTS of home. What I find interesting is what I see when I walk into a space.
When walking into this kitchen..

I picture myself one day walking into THIS kitchen:

When walking into this home..{why do realtors take such bad angle shots?}

I picture myself walking into THIS home:

When we drove up to this house:

I envisioned driving up to this house:

When walking into this other kitchen:

I saw this:

I LOVE seeing the potential in homes. Now I only wish all of you could come along with me. Imagine what more we could envision together. This house below had me at hello....imagine what the home could become with me as the lady of the house.

What do you see when you look at houses? Do you see potential or do you just see what is there? Please tell me...what do you see and how do you see it.



  1. We are house hunting as well and I am the exact same. We are looking at some of the grubbiest kitchens--and when I pass the links on to a friend they say they would NEVER pick that house for me--but they don't have a vision like we do. ;-)

    Um...can you please buy Main Street Hill house? love it!!

  2. Alright, pretty sure you need to be on the next cast of Hidden Potential. Wow, those were the perfect spaces for your dreams. I can't wait till you finally get to make yours come true (and I get to watch!!)

  3. I always see the potential. Or try to at least... When we were searching for homes last Winter we saw about a handful and they were all the same style [built around the same year, same layout... just overall, very cheap, and they were in subdivisions that had houses which also looked all the same. Think ultimate cookie cutter!].

    But than our Realtor took us to an older neighborhood where the houses ranged from 30-60yrs old and that's when we fell in love and saw the potential everywhere. We weren't distracted by all the cookie cutter-ness. Everything was unique in it's own little way and we ended up buying one of the older homes in the older neighborhood and have been here since [1yr next month]!

    Oh and I have always wondered the same thing about why Realtor's always take bad angle shots and overall bad photos... I just don't get it. You'd think they would want the best photos so they have the potential to sell the house faster!

  4. Love what you see! I have to say that house on main street is hideous! BUT ohhh, the possibilities! great bones!
    you have to ask yourself, fixer up, or turn key???
    ya'll are young, that makes a huge difference!
    thanks for letting us tag along.

  5. a) you've got a fabulous eye!
    b) did i miss something? are you house hunting?!

  6. i really like that main street hill house! once you clean up the bushes and trees around it and give it some good curb appeal it will be gorgeous!

  7. I always see the potential. In my head it's totally perfect :)

  8. I hate to say that I don't see the potential, typically, because I know how time consuming it will be. I know that I can change curb appeal--landscape and exterior, but living with a mess is SO hard!! My hat's off to you!

  9. Those are such great examples! Most of those transformation could be done without huge amounts of $$, That last house was so cute, i can just imagine how cute with just a little love:)

  10. I.LOVE.THIS.POST. Love it!! It takes a certain mind to see the potential.......I just adore your visions for each one of these images.

    I delight in gives me the chance to transform it into MY perfection.

  11. I love the white tiled it!! The 'had you at hello' house has a lovely front porch hiding behind those massive bushes! So perfect for swings and flowers and lovely goodness!!

  12. You have the eye, love your vision for the exterior in the after shot. And that pool would be awesome to have!!


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