Wednesday, January 19, 2011

tell me about you...yes, you.

pic from Oh Hello Friend {perfect for this post}

I adore my followers/friends. I have to tell the truth though...I am falling in love with many of you. Amid our emails or your comments, I find myself wandering more and more about you.  Amid all the wonderful blogs out there with all the fabulous people, we have found each I want to know you even better.

And so with that thought...I am completely stealing this idea from Janell at Isabella & Max Rooms.....what can I say, I am a GREAT copycat.

Question Time {no looking off each other's answer...hehehe}:

1. Who are you? Get as specific as you like! (Where you live, age, career, single, married, kids, no kids, fond of dogs or a fish will do.)

2. What do you love? (Activities, hobbies, projects, interests: if you had a free day what would you do?)

3. If you could give me a week's worth of post topics, what would I be writing about on those days? What do you want to see/read?

4. This question is up for grabs...write your own question and answer it as you like!

I can not wait to hear from you...and thank you again for your friendship. Just the fact that you like to peek into my little corner of blog world means so much to me. Time is so precious. I am delighted that we get to share a moment or 2 together.



  1. gail, 53, louisville ky, unemployed junker, separated, 1 grown daughter (28) 1 dog (louie) 2 cats (kitty and marshall dillan, 8 fish in an outdoor pond.

    I love to DIY, saw, drill, etc. Free day? thrift or build.

    I would love for you to tell us more about your family. Not necessary to give names or full details, but what do You like to do, and how about that mr b you're always talking about?

    Why do I blog?
    Funny you should ask (hehehe) I'm not really sure if I blog so I can DIY and do projects, or if I DIY and do projects so I can blog. Sort of like the chicken and the egg.

    Why do YOU blog?


  2. Hello!

    1. My name is Emily and I live in Nashville, TN...I am finishing up my last week of graduate school to be a speech-language pathologist and just got married this past August. No kids...yet, but if it was up to me I'd be pregnant months ago! I'm vegetarian, and in turn, love animals and I have 1 dog and 2 cats!

    2. I love crafting (that goes without saying), I like cooking but I'm not good at it yet, I love animals and working with special needs children. My free day would be filled with painting my new house I just moved into!

    3. Hmm I love any painting project and anything related to antiques!

    4. One unique thing about me: I'm fluent in sign language!

    This was fun! Thank you!!

  3. Who are you? Married, no kids. Somewhat of a Type A, but pretty much cool calm and collected. A learned trait for me living with a Type A mom. I work way too much, but am blessed to like what I do, even if I continually plan for the day I can retire...long way off by the way.

    2. What do you love? I am one who plans everything. I love figuring things out even if I get hot tempered along the way. I love the sense of accomplishment. I enjoy reading even if I don't get time to read a good book as much as I would like.

    3. If you could give me a week's worth of post topics, what would I be writing about on those days? What do you want to see/read? I like reading about your tips/trade secrets, but generally I just like learning about you along the way.

    4. This question is up for grabs...write your own question and answer it as you like! Why is it easier to say "No" to others the older we get? I find myself not caring so much what others think and could really care less about the # of "friends" on FB. I am happy with me, myself and I (but that could just be only child syndrome).

  4. I'm a wife and mother of 2 kids and 2 dogs :)

    I love to read, crochet, and make my house feel like a home (we're currently on house #5). I also really really love to go to the movie theater. I also love to eat - I'm kind of a foodie- though I'm a terrible cook myself.

    I'm not sure about a week's worth of post topics? Just keep on keepin' on :)

  5. 1. Dahlonega, Ga. Married! No kids. 2 Basset Hounds. I am an English teacher to 9th and 10th graders.

    2. I love being inspired and trying to replicate. Thrifting. Home tours. Reading. Movies. Cuddling the hubs. HGTV. Blogging. Being in the sun. Natural light. Every kind of food! Shopping. Hair. Make-up.

    3. I love good before/afters. DIY projects that you can do in a few hours. Clever ideas on how to take what you have for decor.

    4. What's your next step in life? Start my masters.


  6. Hi! I'm Lara

    ~ 37
    ~ long chocolate brown hair
    ~ blue eyes
    ~ fair skin
    ~ happily married
    ~ mom to a 4 yo girl
    ~ mom to a 5 yo boy
    ~ former spa professional (aesthetician)
    ~ former makeup artist
    ~ from a family of artists
    ~ very much in love with photography
    ~ olivia newton-john fan
    ~ 1 black cat in my house
    ~ i love cats
    ~ coffee lover
    ~ lover of life and nature
    ~ style blogger
    ~ budding crafter
    ~ sister, daughter, friend, wife
    ~ old movie, tv show junkie
    ~ nose always in interior books, mags
    ~ gardner
    ~ dreamer of building an eco-friendly home
    ~ flower lover
    ~ addicted to white

    I'd love to hear about anything you love :)

    Such a fun post - I love learning about fellow bloggers! :)

  7. Hello!
    . My name is Mary and I live in KY.
    . retired from f/t position, work p/t
    for a lobbyist
    . married for 43 yrs.
    . mother to two beautiful daughters
    . live in a two story 90 yr old home
    . love our golden retriever
    . country French decor is one of my favorite's
    . addicted to all Decorating magazines
    . I'm a blog stalker
    . DIY (simple projects)
    . thrift shops and antique stores are fun
    . I love to travel.

    Why I blog? I started blogging because of my youngest daughter. She signed me up and said, "now mom you figure it out!" I still haven't figured it out! :-)

    I'm a new follower!

  8. 1. Kasey, 26yrs old, married, One child [3yrs old next month! :) ]. We live in Florida, Career wise I am a Military Veteran [Active Duty, now a Reservist] and now work with Military Aircraft as a lead on one of the major programs and fond of both dogs and fish... although I don't think fish like me. Booo.

    2. Let's see... Photography, Photoshop, Blogging, Decorating, organizing, running and traveling. If I had one day free I would more than likely do all of those things... in no particular order.

    3. I am a new follower so I am sure whatever you blog about, I'm gonna love it! :)

  9. Thank you for following my blog! THis is my first visit to yours and I love it!
    Happy blogging!


  10. 1. Christine, 31 years old, married 7 1/2 years, one sweet baby girl who just slept through the night for the first time in her eight 1/2 months last night!! My favorite food is cereal, and I eat way too much of it; my favorite thing is being outside with my family, including the dogs! I love being a SAHM and hanging with my girl most of the time. I love my work as an analyst, too, though--working in the evenings and going into work that half day a week helps me feel accomplished (since being a SAHM never has a completion date!) and super appreciated!

    2. My free day would include going to the playground with Olivia, taking a nap, reading, doing yoga, and finishing off the day snuggled up on the couch watching my DVR'ed shows (Top Chef and Modern Family) with the hubby.

    3. I love the little projects because they are things that *perhaps* I can do, too. Loved the winter mantel, and I made one, too after your's! I'm dying to see Thurgood's room! I would love to see some flower arranging, because I know you are good at it and I could use some tips.

    4. How do you want to be like 'e'? I want to take pictures better, like 'e'. I want to form my blog posts better, like 'e'. And I want to do some projects on the house, like 'e'!!

  11. 1. Live in the Boulder CO area, 32 y/o, manage a physical therapy office & Pilates studio, married (poor Mr. FC for putting up w/ me), no kids (yet), love my dog more than my relatives sometimes......

    2. Renovating, decorating, reading, blogging, hiking, good food & perfect day would incorporate all those things. I'd start by waking up early (I'm an early bird to the core).

    3. I love the mix of posts you do already. It's the perfect balance of YOU. I esp. love hearing abour your family. Let's be BFF's, want to?

    4. I am a multi-tasker. I can't sit still or just do ONE thing. Yet, I challenge you to find a better listener than moi. =]

    Thanks, E, that was fun!

  12. 1. Lindsay, 31, mother of 2 (girl 4 years, boy 2 yrs), Graphic Designer, Minnesota (& freezing this week!)

    2. Scrapbooking and a "rediscoverd" decorator - I'm starting to recognize how much decorating means to me. The $$ might be worth it.

    3. Great posts - I love the before & afters.
    I'd love to hear more about the Rx stuff too. (I have several questions in this area!)
    Simple fixes like using a basket or a shelf.
    I like the inspiration posts too - what inspires you is like having a interior designer show me what a room could look like, all in one post.
    I'd love to learn how to bring in natural elements like pine cones. Where do you get them and how to use them?

    4. I started a blog but only did one post.I have no time for it. I totally respect the time you've spent and would like to give back! Great job! :)


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