Sunday, January 9, 2011

i faked it

So Mr. B knew I was thinking of changing up our little bar area. I was thinking about removing all the EtOH and display some of my ironstone...or my small but growing Floraline collection.

While away at the hospital working, Mr. B changed it up for me during his holiday break.

I should have been delighted but there is an issue.

As I came in...I saw the Sake Set. He bought one as a Christmas present for our best friends {whose dining room is Japanese inspired}, but little did I know that he also bought one for us.

The staging was all him.
From using the calendar as a mat to laying down the chopsticks ever so. Let me tell you..this is his first ever home decor purchase, and he was so excited about it. I know he wanted me to love it..and so I faked it.

I did love the way he displayed the bottles, and I am relieved he kept my waters on display.

I am just not sure I like this sake set where it is {the space was more useful to me when it was bare}, but I adore Mr. B too much to burst his first beautiful attempt at making our home more lovely. And so...the sake set will be at home where it makes Mr. B happy, and that makes me happy.

Have you ever been caught in this situation? Tell me your thoughts...we can chat away over some warm sake.



  1. kudos to mr b. :) and to mrs b for faking it.

  2. Maybe you can put up a lil sake set shelf? Liiike above the space it fills? And then you can have the space and honor his attempt? :) Today my husby tacked a calendar to the wall, smushed inbetween a doorframe and a picture....which would't look so awkward except fot the ummm 3 feet of empty wall on the OTHER side of the picture...But, he insisted it was the best place for the calendar...

  3. Thankfully, I have not yet run across this situation in which I could not divert his attention from a horrific decor choice.

    EtOH. *snicker*

  4. Hilarious! Chris has pretty good taste when it comes to important things, but he does have these Campbell's soup pictures that he's been dragging around with him for the last 10 years that he keeps putting up and I keep taking down.

  5. How adorable!! I would have eaten that up- he's a keeper! :)

  6. Love the top two shelves. I just hope the saki set doesn't "accidentally" get knocked to the floor.

  7. You know it is adorable that he was so excited at his purchase that he even staged it to look good. Maybe he thought that would make you like it. Give your self extra points today for being a good wife and pretending to like it. Can't bruise the ego. At least it is neutral and could go with many things!

  8. Ah yes...this has happened many a time in our house...and now he just defers to me, so as not to be disappointed. Sigh. He does help me with the decorating bringing in huge pieces of birch for our tablescape at Christmas!

  9. ahaha I love this! My husband is constantly moving things and saying, "Look! What do you think?" I always praise him (that sounds terrible) and then when cleaning move things back the way they were. Usually he doesn't even notice.

  10. OMG! Further proof that we're soul sisters! Once, I came home to a single peony bloom plucked from the neighbor's yard by Mr. FC........displayed in a sake bottle used as a vase. What.

    Aww, his effort is darling though. Don't know how attentive Mr. B is but when this happens in our house, I too praise the Hubs.....then I wait a few days before changing it to how I'd like it and he just assumes it's always been like that. Poor oblivious Husband. HA!


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