Wednesday, December 22, 2010

cookies & crackers for breakfast

For the month of December, I love a filled cookie jar {and so does my little family} of homemade goodies. Who knew scrambled eggs and a sugar cookie could be so yum togeher..hehe. Yet as I am working several days at the hospital, the cookie jar often gets overlooked and runs rather low.

I can't do it all..all the time, and I am ok with that. But what I can do.....when I can do it...I do pretty well.

And I can stop at a local bakery like a pro.
And in the end...the look says it all
Remember the moment is who you share it with....enjoy the moment this holiday season.



  1. Yummy! I love breakfast traditions like that! We always have leftover pie for breakfast on the day after Christmas. And then for a few more days after that!

  2. e-- I was flipping through my reader (space bar, space bar, space bar) and suddenly this adorable face popped up in front of me. I had been distracted when the title whizzed by. (Louie was doing something and I quizzed him about it) so anyway, the face! I was like ohhh, I know this little lad!
    I had to scroll back up, and jump out of my reader to say... I hope T has the best Christmas ever with you and your family! Such a speciall time of year!
    cookies for breakfast? I can do that!

  3. Yum! Those cookies look awesome! Although I am a Cheerios nut, a cookie in addition would be welcome! Lots of that around here! Today Grandma is teaching us how to make lefsa and rosettes--fried batter in the shape of roses. Mmmmm!

  4. Yummy! Those look buttery and delicious, what a great mommy. And what a cutie you have!

  5. Cookies are great but THAT FACE! Are you kidding? The sweetest!

  6. What a beauty!! If she lived with me she could have cookies for lunch and dinner, too!

  7. Your handsome little man never fails in melting this cold, sarcastic heart of mine. HA!

    Though I'm not a baker, it doesn't stop me from eating cookies for breakfast on Christmas morning. My darling SIL sends us a tinful of homebaked treats every year. Mmmm, nothing says Christmas morning more than festive treats & my coffee & Bailey's. =]


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