Thursday, December 9, 2010

trade secrets: my million dollar idea

Have I hooked you? Are you intrigued?

Well, I do have an idea {actually 2 ideas that are based IN pharmacy that is..yep, I have others}.

It is a million dollar idea but it is definitely in the infancy stage.

Give you a hint..

It is a secret, but I am dying to share. I want to hear your thoughts/feedback. I know they would be valuable.

It is just an idea, but I think it could blossom into something special.

Email me at megandvd at hotmail dot com....and I will let you in on my secret. But you have to pinkie swear it stays between us.


PS You can probably tell I am still the daughter of a lawyer...otherwise I would post everything. But I know there are dream stealers out there. And this mine. :)


Thank you for visiting my little corner of the world. Your comments make my day a little brighter, so know I treasure each one. Thank you!


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