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hostess with the mostest

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Pier 1 Imports. All opinions are 100% mine.

When I got my own bedroom when I was 14, I fell in love with Pier 1 Imports. I scored one of those plump, plush papasan chairs and a dreamy mosquito net which set the design of my room. Imagine white lights wrapped around an all white daybed as well as a black light hidden under my bed {for my EMO moments}. That was my HS bedroom.

Well now I have a home, but I lack a dining room.

I envy you ladies with dining rooms. I am green with envy with your table settings that infuse color, creativity, and the season. Maybe one day, but unfortunately, not today....or tomorrow.
I have to work with what I have and what I have is a great room.

In this room I entertain usually an average of 14 people for the holidays. Amid the main events {Thanksgiving & Christmas}, Mr. B & I also host here and there holiday parties. We all know those parties. The work party. The friends party. The extended family party. These all end up at my home. -- And I LOVE it.
I headed off to Pier 1 to help me create a something spectacular.
These settings are for those of you who need to incorporate more guests than you can seat or for those of you who want to change it up a bit.
Both of them are inspired from this pillow:

This pillow makes me giddy just looking at it....the whimsy of the colors, the detailing, the jingle bells.

Now that my son is "in" to the holidays and holiday gifts, I could not pass this pillow up. It is a Christmas carol and a bag of German nuts all rolled into one. Oh, and it is not just the cover. It is the real deal, pillow and stuffing together {as it should be}.
Ok..back to the styling. :)
My setting is all about being casual and being easy...so you can snack and talk away to your heart's content. These settings use 2 other kinds of tables, the coffee table or the sofa table {your choice}.
These settings can be used as a home for your appetizers for your holiday dinner party or be the center of your casual "bite-size" friends party.
Use what you have to make a little gathering into a memorable gathering.

Sofa Table

Coffee Table

I took inspiration from the pillow and found a placemat of the same blue hue. I like the idea of a placemat as a background. Having something to catch crumbs while your guests nibble away at yummy snacks not only adds color but protects your table. {or at least that is what I like to say}
I then added my white dessert plates. Nothing like small white plates for easy holding.
Now here comes the pop. The napkin flower rings.


Is the red not rich? It is so divine.

Mr. B and I were married in December and we used this color of red as our accent color. I am still drawn to it. And the centers of these napkin rings add even more pop with their sparkle...swoon. To go with the rings, I decided on some some linen colored napkins that marry the color well. Something makes the event fancy schmancy with real napkins. I then popped the lovely couples into my wooden basket.

Even as a stand alone piece....they are perfect as a centerpiece for the holidays.

I then used my Pier 1 White Porcelain Rectangle Servers {medium} to be my blank canvas to hold my yummy appetizers. A few ornaments for color and serving bowls to allow more snacking variety...done.

Now because I AM a PharmD to be...I salt ever so sparingly. But it is the holidays and I cringe at depriving my guests of anything, so when I found these lovely bird salt & pepper shakers.....I snapped them up.


Finally I found another element at Pier 1 that was perfection. A kissing ball. I can't say no to is a kissing ball.


I plopped my kissing ball on top of one of my mint julep cups and there you have it -- a perfect setting for me and my guests...and hopefully, you and your guests.


When dressing your table {ottoman or sofa table} the mainstays are obvious & we all have them: the white dishes, the silver..even the red. But I encourage you to indulge in a bit of pop. Maybe it is red with lime green or red and hot pink...just find that pop. Christmas is the season that you can get away with a little more sparkle and a little more color.

For me,  incorporating the blue is just the flair I was looking for. It is completely fun and it is completely unexpected.....and for the holidays, we all love a surprise.
So...what surprises do you have in store this holiday season? I am positive you can find one at Pier 1 .



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  1. Ok so I dont know if you knew this about me but I used to manage at Pier 1. I worked there for two years before becoming a mommy. I had NO PLANS of being one of "those stay at home moms" b/c I loved my job that much. But the sight of my daughter changed everything for me. Anyways, I was also awarded the assocaite of the year in the Eastern NY region. It was amazing! Working there was amazing and I still miss it. Love your holiday touches. We're doing that around here too:)
    P.S. Wondering how you get to do sponsored posts? Im intrigued...

  2. Yeah, I just love those red rose napkin holders, especially the sparkly center! And the kissing ball, of course you had to get it too! A perfect touch! Great staging in the pictures, all looks beautiful!!!

    So did Pier One give you this stuff for writing the post? How incredible!! And really, how did you go about securing that?! Congrats!!

  3. beautiful! So well displayed and perfectly written!
    Pier 1 is awesome, aren't they?
    great post e!
    I'm green with envy over you writing and decorating skills.

  4. Look how cute you are, wish I could come to one of your parties! I was in Pier 1 last week (a very rare occasion for a Mom with 3 kids 5 & under) and scooped up the coolest apron, a yellow version of your flower and some adorable cotton napkins with ric rac. I could have the spring follow up party to this one :)

    Don't tell the Mr. but the kids are giving me the apron & napkins as presents for XMas, sometimes you just have to shop for yourself.

    You're right those napkin rings remind me of your wedding, where on earth did you get that basket. I NEED one just like it.

  5. I love the napkin rings...You may want to keep a close eye on them ;). Just joking....


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