Wednesday, December 8, 2010

more than a tree

When my parents spent their 1st Christmas together...their tree was rather sparse. From that moment on, my mom wanted her children to always have a tree filled with meaning.

My mom started a Christmas tradition with my sister and I. Every year she would give us each an ornament. Her hopes were that one day when we had are own families, our tree would not be a blank slate but one that is already filled with memories of Christmases past..and a family who has and always will love us.

This year I opted to add a splash of red to the canvas.

What always amazes me though, is how my treasured ornaments add the extra special touch that no sparkle or flashy color can EVER replace.

My own baby ornament

I loved unicorns as a little kid. Funny thing is..this one is my sister's. I had the unicorn with the pink sequin. I laugh though b/c I bring that up every year to my mom.

My favorite 3rd grade teacher helped me make this one.

My mom continues the Christmas ornament tradition with my son.

Mr. B and I gave these ornaments as our wedding favors with a little note that said: "tis the season to be marry." Of course we kept 1...or maybe 4.


I was a big theatre girl..or drama queen in HS and this one celebrates that.

I made this one when I was in the second grade. Yes, that is my fingerprint.

My oldest and dearest internet friend {from the Nest/Knot} sent me this Christmas of 2003. It is chocolate and brown...our favorite home decor colors.

My mom always topped her tree with a dove. I thought this year with my use of red..a cardinal would be perfect. Plus..Mr. B graduated from U of L...guess what is their mascot?

And my favorite...
My mom gave this ornament to me as I celebrated my 1st Christmas as a mommy. My baby...oh how I LOVED those cheeks.

I invite you to take a page from my mom's notes...and give ornaments as gifts. They will be forever cherished and forever leave a memory of you with them.



  1. As a former teacher, I have tons of ornaments that were given to me from my students. Some of my most treasured ornaments are the ones we collected through Jamie's childhood. We have a similar Baby's First.
    The Angel that sits atop my tree each year is a paper doily angel that jamie made in 2nd or 3rd grade. :) So, it's adorned my tree for over 20 years now.
    Your tree looks great with the touch of red.

  2. Both sides of our families have always done this. Some years we've even come home with 6-8 ornaments after Christmas festivities b/c my parents would give us one, the girls each got their own, my inlaws gave us all some, grandparents and my sister in law always orders us the best personalized ones online. This makes for a HUGE ornament collection.
    When hubby and I were first married, my faither in law started giving me the newest Hallmark Gone with the Wind Ornaments. Some years he gives me two. So thats a collection all its own by now.
    So many memories when we open those boxes to decorate the tree. I still have the big sheep I made in Kindergarten. And I REMEMBER making it!

  3. Your tree is gorgeous! And the special ornaments just make the tree :) Your little one should be in a Baby Gap ad- he is precious!!

  4. i love that tradition, your tree looks amazing.

  5. I agree with you, My trees growing up have always had our own ornaments on them so naturally as much as Id LOVE to have a themed tree, I love my ornaments TOO much, I took pretty much all of them with me when i moved out so i have a TON of ornaments already, plus my fiances grandma gets both of us an ornament every christmas and if i see an ornament that has some type of meaning i will buy it and i would like to start a tradition of me and the fiance getting each other ornaments that have some type of meaning, whether they are from when we travel or something we see out that reminds us of each other. I think it adds so much character and personality, so much more than a themed tree does, while beautiful it doesnt give you that opportunity to dig through the ornaments and remember the stories behind them and where they came from. I like that I am not alone in loving this type of tree!

  6. love the cardinal and all the special ornaments. your tree is lovely.

  7. Your tree is beautiful! So collected--just like what I would have imagined you'd have! : )

  8. I love traditions surrounding ornaments. My husband and I started one with the two of us, and just bought a "1st Christmas" ornament for our daughter too.

  9. Love the tree! I miss having one this year. I think I might regret not putting one up! I, too, like all the family ornaments. My favorite garland is popcorn and cranberries. Looks so sweet!

  10. Yay! My mom was the same way and my tree is filled with beautiful memories as a result. :)

  11. I love looking at other peoples ornaments. I have so many that my grandmother made for me and they are so special now. Your tree looks beautiful.

  12. Gorgeous! I love all the special ornaments!

  13. how will always have something to remember and pass down to that cute chubby cheeked baby

  14. HELLO! Im your newest follower and BEYOND ADORE your blog! the Name of your blog...AMAZING! Your "About Me" Touching and your Story of your tree...I CRIED! It is absolutely PRECIOUS! THAT is what Christmas is about! Im HOOKED...I would love it if you would visit my blog and 14 days of christmas trees...Decorated all these trees and not ONE has the warmth and love of yours...I have a Giveaway you might like...I am SO BLESSED to have found you!

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  15. I love your tree! I love all the meaning behind the ornaments, beautiful!
    Each of the boys buys one ornament after christmas every and also paint their own. What a fabulous idea to give them back when they are all grown up :)

  16. Do you remember that Molly Shannon SNL character that was 50 years old? I bring her up because she and I would probably have the same reaction to your tree: I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT!!!

    That red palette is just shimmering with cheer. And the cardinal topper is to-die-for. I also love all of your sentimental ornaments. You are forever my big inspiration!! I want to be just like you when I grow up. :)

  17. amazing, amazing, amazing. love the tree. adore the ornaments!


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