Wednesday, December 29, 2010

my beautiful attempts in 2010

I started this blog on the 1st day of 2010 after wanting to do a blog since 2005 {I am still not sure why I waited so very long}. I guess I missed my little world called "The Nest" in which I explored home decorating/ design on a whole new level and I will be honest, I wanted to explore blogs as a writer and not just a follower.

It is hard to believe that a year has past. I can only hope the journey continues to be as wonderful as it has been for you as it has been for me...and our friendship. In no particular order, here are my favorite posts/projects of 2010:
I won the battle in my curtains mocking me as they refused to gracefully touch my floors.

I am such a sucker for a Pottery Barn knock off.....and these pillows still have a home on my sofa.

In a $5 Dollar Store challenge, I created something sweet for my Lola's rehab room.

After a fun filled day with other bloggers, I continued my love for cream, black, and numbers.

Oh so lovely...I did one of these for the "real deal" in our master bedroom, but I thought it made the room too busy. Mr. B thought if I used bigger lettering it would reduce the "noise." Hmmm...he may be right.

No, my name is not Megan...but I use an alias. Hehehe...I sound so chic and sneaky all at once.

Another spin on one of my goodwill finds. master bedroom. It is ALMOST there. I have a corner that needs "something" -- don't really know what but something and my Layla chair needs to be completed. Slow home decor is my specialty...especially when time and budgets are very limited.

I was kinda scared when I pressed publish for this one, but in the end it speaks most true to who I am, and I believe THAT is what you always want...the real spirit, the real heart.

My 10th one??? Hmmm...I still have a few more hours left in this year for me to make a new favorite.



  1. Hi e,
    I wish I could have a hint??? I can't wait to see which ones you got! I was really going to use pink. That would have been a huge leap for my kitchen. Also.. my husband would have been scratching his head when he saw them.LOL I saw pink knobs somewhere in a kitchen and loved it. I had them in my cart, but put them back and got the olive. But I'm really glad I did. I'll be watching for your post.

  2. Congrats on an awesome first year! I hope I can have as successful a first year as you! Only 9 and a half more months left to get to work...

  3. Love this post! So we started our blogs at the same time as well? Could we be long lost twins? :) Happy New Year!

  4. great post! I had no idea you were such a youngster. happy blogiversary (a little early)

  5. I cant wait to see more of you in 2011 sweet "Megan." :) Happy New Year!

  6. Happy new year, Megan, full of health, joy, hope for you and your family! your photo with the adorable baby is so cute!

  7. Loved seeing some of my favorites as well! I had to laugh again at the curtain capris...too cute! Have a happy New Year!


  8. Thanks for reminding me why you are on my blog roll. Your projects are always fun, unique and creative and I look forward to seeing more in 2011!

  9. Ahh, gotta love that look back at the year. A good way to see what ya did accomplish. Your favorite should be making it through school! Maybe not design related, but that is major! Happy New Year!

  10. As I stalk you... I see that we both have been following blogs a lot longer than we have been writing and waited TOO long before we started! You hit the nail on the head...I, too, wanted to participate in the Blog world as a writer and not only a follower.
    Happy Blogging!


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