Saturday, December 18, 2010

happy 6th anniversary to us

Happy Anniversary!
I can not believe it has been 6 years.
To the man who makes all my dreams come true..
I love you Mr.B!

 Here is a tiny glimpse into our lovely day and how wonderful it was.{Plus I think an anniversary is a perfect time to look back on the special day.}

The Groom
 The Bride {who did all her own REAL flowers..with some help from Steph, Christine, & Mom}
Our fairytale moment..oh how I love this picture.
My mom's favorite picture
 I love the colors of this vibrant and artsy {like the couple}
Our family...but one important person is missing. Oh wait..he is just a twinkle in our eye at this point in time.

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Can we look at the cake again? I LOVED our cake.
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Here is to many more years and many more dances.
{my favorite pic}
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I love you.

PS Thank you my lovelies for indulging in all my pics.


  1. Happy Anniversary! Lovely photos! and those flowers.... beautiful.

  2. So you were a December bride too? I think December weddings are the best. Happy Anniversary!

  3. Happy Anniversary! I loved looking at the pics. I think you have excellent taste! Mr b is a cutie, and your favorite picture is my favorite picture.
    two beautiful people who fell in love and made a beautiful little boy and a happy home together!

  4. You just wait! Our anniversary is this Monday and there will be a multitude of pictures for you! Our weddings look pretty similar, too. Must be our excellent tastes! ;o)

  5. Happy Anniversary, E! You had such a beautiful wedding! You looked so beautiful! And those roses are perfection. I'm truly impressed. : )

  6. Wishing you a Happy Anniversary...and many more to come!!! Thanks for sharing your gorgeous was a beautiful wedding!!!

  7. Happy Anniversary to you both.. What a gorgeous wedding. I love your dress, beautiful cake, and gorgeous hair. Very beautiful images. (your husband is quite handsome too!) Thank you for showing us your day.
    Rebecca x

  8. Happy Anniversary. Gorgeous pictures and your hubbies a hottie :), you two are so lucky to have each other. The fourth picture is so magical it looks like a castle behind you. I'm so happy for you guys! Enjoy your weekend!

  9. Happy Anniversary my dear!!! Boy do those pics bring back some memories, even more beautiful than I remember them being. The fairy tale shot is one of my all time favorite wedding photos and my oh my talk about some talent, those flowers are AMAZING.

    You are every bit as beautiful now as you were then, its still crazy for me to think it has been 6 years already (we had our 6 year in April) it seems like the time has just flown by.

  10. Just beautiful. So glad you have such good pictures.

  11. Happy Anniversary, my friend!!

    You guys sure are pretty. Stop it. =] (Love the new blog look too!!)

  12. Happy Anniversary! You two are a gorgeous couple!

  13. They get better and better!!!! I'll have my 20th next year!!! Happy day love!!!!!

  14. I remember all these the first time around, such a GORGEOUS wedding day and couple! You are both so good looking! Happy 6th Annivesary!

  15. Ug, what a fairy tale wedding. Y'all are one HOT couple!! Congratulations!!


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