Friday, December 3, 2010

house hunters: 1655 Cedarpointe Dr

So as some of you know I graduate in June {hopefully with employment before then} and one of our big hopes as a family is to buy a multi-generational home.

Dad and I have been on the search since before I even started pharmacy school. What started as a glimmer of an idea has evolved into a true dream.

We have looked at so many homes that I never got a chance to blog about each one. In fact, we saw 2 homes this past week.

House #1

We saw this one {which needs LOTS of work} - 2013 Spring Farm Dr.

House #2
We saw this one which is has 2 separate basements! - 1003 Plum Ridge Dr.

Both were nice...the last one had potential, but we are still in the hunt. Luckily my dad and I make an awesome team. Here is the next one we are eyeing.

We shall see. Friday nights have become house hunter night for me. I scope out what new home to explore either with my realtor or if I am lucky on Sunday at an open house.

Would you like to help me find a home? If you love home shopping feel free to send me your thoughts.

Here are the steps:
1. Go to Schuler Bauer
2. The main page will have a search feature
3. We would like a 5 bedroom home
4. Click search {no Charlestown please..great homes but too far north}
5. Browse and tell me what you like

Keep in mind we will have a price limit...but it is fun to look. Oh!! And be warned -- Southern Indiana decor can be quite dreadful. You have to be able to see beyond all the oak, wallpaper, and shiny brass.

I am curious as to your thoughts.



  1. All the houses are stunning, the last is exceptional. Where in So. Indiana? I live near south bend, which I know is like the complete other side of the state, but its still kinda cool!

  2. These are beautiful...esp. the last two...and a separate basement? What a luxury that would be! :) Have fun today!!

  3. It would so fun to live in a multi generational home! It seems so rare these days in the states but is so common elsewhere. I would love to one day have a nice full house in which to call home!

  4. I love the last one! I can hardly wait until I can come visit your whole family in one stop!!! So awesome! And you all are quite a family to be able to even attempt such a thing. Lines would be drawn in ours!


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